After 38, or is that 39, years in the same location, Sherman’s MG’s moved next door into a rehabbed 1950s service station not too long ago. That may be the biggest change the venerable burger joint has undergone in all those years.

Long a Sherman favorite, MG’s — the name comes from the Adams family, that is Mike and Gina — is still serving a collection of burgers named for cars and tucked between buns from Mom’s Bakery, as well as their signature fries, onion rings, or tater tots. Of course, you can also get them mixed, fries and onion rings or fries and tater tots or something like that. They also have chicken fried steaks, salads and some sandwiches, as well as desserts from Mom’s. I hadn’t made it to the new digs yet, so I met a friend there for lunch not too long ago.

For years, my usual order was a Buick, a burger with the veggies and 1000 Island dressing. This time, perhaps from brain freeze and by mistake, I ordered a Studebaker, an upscale burger with bacon served on sourdough bread, and when it was delivered to the table, I was surprised and couldn’t figure out what was up. I had also ordered a three-way parlay of fries, rings, and tots. My lunch buddy had a Dodge. It comes with chili, mustard, onion and cheddar cheese, and he doubled the cheese order.

MG’s doesn’t make a bad burger, and so despite an offer to take back the Studebaker, I decided to motor on, so to speak. The burger was on two big pieces of toasted bread, and frankly, was difficult to manage. I tried cutting it in half but that proved easier said than done in the basket filled with frots and frings and other things. But I soldiered on, ate my fill, and had not begun to work my way through the mound of fries and more buried under the burger when I called it a day. Across the table my friend did noble work with his Dodge and still took a comfortable portion home for a late night snack.

If you’re not in a burger frame of mind, MG’s also has sandwiches, shakes, salads, chicken strips and a pretty good chicken fried steak. And to finish sweet, pick a dessert from Mom’s Bakery.

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