Sherman Art League board member and local artist Alexander Bernath is no stranger to the art scene in the Texoma area. His works have been featured at the Sherman Arts Festival, Progressive Missionary Baptist Church in Sherman and in numerous private collections.

Most recently, Bernath was featured in the Sherman Cultural District’s art dash and he was one of 10 SAL artists featured in the exhibit at the Sherman Public Library.

“My mother takes credit for my interest in art, while as a child she exposed me to coloring books and numbered paintings,” Bernath said in an email interview. “This enjoyment in Art was rekindled while living in Italy as a medical student at the University of Bologna. Exposure to the Renaissance geniuses, particularly, Michelangelo’s works, demonstrated to me the incredible beauty that man is capable of achieving.”

Bernath’s day job is working as a urologist in this area and he said his association to art has followed him throughout his medial career.

“As an intern, I spent a period of time on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, which exposed me to pottery and crafts, but the turning point came while watching my daughter, Hilary, paint and draw at home, completing assignments for her fashion design program at UNT,” he said.

Bernath’s specialties include wood working and sculpting.

“My interests are numerous including history, religion, literature and science and my artwork involves these topics,” he said in his email. “My attitude is summarized by William Wordsworth who wrote that ‘A thing of Beauty is a joy Forever.’”

Aside from his wood-centered pieces, Bernath also works with acrylics, glass, clay and plaster. He said he has worked with almost every media in the past.

“I enjoy giving away my artwork as gifts to friends and relatives who immediately make them heirlooms,” he said. “I make wood canes for many of my patients, which become conversation pieces.”

While Bernath has had no formal training, he credits SAL with aiding in his exposure to and education about art and his own craft work. SAL hosts meetings monthly where local artists and guests give presentations, lectures and host workshops.

“Art is 5 percent inspiration and 95 percent perspiration,” he said. “My technique is to mentally visualize the image and liberating it grime the wood as Michelangelo advised.”

Future Brown is the Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor for Texoma Marketing and Media Group. She can be reached at