A local artist has been using brightly colored digital photo art to capture the city of Denison. Richard Garabedian’s day job is in the video graphics department of RadioVision where he is the master of After Effects and he feels like his daily work and the digital art he does in his spare time definitely impact each other.

“They are similar in all the things that matter,” he said. “The video graphic work helps me to be better at the photo art and vice versa.”

Garabedian is one of seven photographers who were invited to express their interpretation of “Contemporary Denison,” an exhibit currently on display in Denison City Hall across from the Water Department.

Garabedian is a relative newcomer to Denison. He used subjects like the Denison Post Office combined in brightly colored digital photo art to catch the attention of Mayor Janet Gott, Candy Dickson and many others during recent Denison festivals.

“Everyone is attracted to the vibrant colors and the nostalgia of older buildings,” Dickson said.

Garabedian’s inspiration comes from Southern expressionist painter, Brent Sanders. While visiting Chattanooga with his twin brother, Garabedian saw a $5,000 painting by Sanders that he really liked but couldn’t afford.

“I want to be able to do that,” Garabedian said to himself.

At the time, Garabedian had been doing some landscape photography and was working for his father in the heating and air conditioning business. He had already graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in Georgia after studying 3D animation and game design plus one year of Adobe After Effects which is like Adobe Photoshop for video.

With a thirst for something else, Garabedian started applying for positions where he could use his skills. After accepting the job with RadioVision, Garabedian made the big move from rural Georgia all the way to Denison.

Garabedian loves his work and looks forward to doing a lot more of it in similar projects. He also loves doing 3D puzzles and large, 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles which decorate his windowless work space. Recently, Garabedian has figured out how to use reusable rubber molding putty to make candles in various shapes.

The Contemporary Denison Exhibit at City Hall will continue to be available for viewing until April 12. Richard Garabedian’s photographic art can also be found at Kaboodles, 513 West Main Street, in Denison.