Budget plays a role in so much when it comes to wedding planning. When Connie Legg of Fawn Hollow Events is talking with couples about whether they should have a band or a DJ at their event, the answer generally comes down to budget.


Bands are more expensive than DJs, and they generally will do less than a DJ, but if live entertainment is what you are going for, then it may be worth the added expense.


According to The Wedding Report, about 605 weddings in Grayson County in 2017 had a DJ or emcee, 234 had a live band and 347 had a musician, soloist or ensemble perform at the wedding. These numbers are not exclusive and individuals could have had more than one type of wedding entertainment.


“About 75 percent of couples choose a DJ to save on costs,” Legg says.


In December, Legg worked with a couple that had a three-piece jazz band during cocktail hour.


“They were UNT students, so that was pretty cool,” she laughs.


On average, area couples have spent more than $700 for a DJ and emcee, more than $1,600 for a live band for the evening and just over $300 for entertainment lighting.


“For a DJ in this area, the base price is $600 for four hours and it goes up from there depending on a lot of different factors,” Legg explains. “Sometimes couples would like for the DJ to run the music during the wedding and then do the music and emceeing during the reception. Sometimes the couples just want the DJ at the reception.”


The cost of having a live band at a wedding can vary in price as well.


“It really varies on whether they are local or from the DFW area, how well known the group is and how long you want them at the event,” Legg says.


Added costs for a DJ include whether the DJ has to bring in his or her own equipment, as well as if they need to bring lighting equipment.


“A DJ can make or break a party,” Legg talks about how the DJ helps move the event along. “Do your homework and check reviews. We give a DJ a timeline so they know when things will happen. We work with them all night long to make sure the event moves along smoothly.”


Here are the top things that people may forget or may have not considered before sitting down with an event planner.


1. Lighting


“Many venues do not have the best lighting,” Legg explains. “So sometimes couples may need to plan to have extra lighting for the big day.”


Sometimes, DJs and bands will provide lighting for the reception, but that comes with an added cost.


2. Flowers and favors


“The bridal party’s flowers, as well as the favors that the bride gives to her party, are generally an expense that couples do not think about,” Legg names No. 2 on her list. “Brides often do not realize how much flowers add to the budget, and token of appreciation gifts can really add up.”


3. Alcohol


Did you know that having a signature drink or just a limited selection of beer and wine can greatly diminish alcohol costs?


“Open bars can get pretty expensive,” Legg says. “You can limit the number of drinks and then also have a cash bar to save on expenses.”