With so much of one’s life happening or being recorded in digital form, newly engaged couples might think that inviting people to their wedding in a digital form is a given.


While there are some people who opt to go that direction, Co-President of the Emily Post Institute, Lizzie Post, says those only work in very specific situations.


For the most part, she said, it is better to go with the written invitation.


“It’s really one of the most important events in your life,” Post said of weddings. “It’s really the type of event that does warrant something more than an email or an e-vite.”


She said she understands the reasons that sending digital invites might sound like a good idea — they are convenient and environmentally friendly. However, they don’t provide the feeling that a written invitation will. The written invitation, with all of its accompaniments, signifies that something really special is happening and that the person getting the invitation is being asked to take part in something considered really special. And, she said, guests often consider the invitation a keepsake of the day.


At the end of the day, however, she said, it is the couple’s wedding, and if they really do want to go the digital route then they should be careful to make sure that the e-vite matches the tone and style of the wedding. She said couples should pay special attention to avoid services that send advertisements along with the invitation. The last thing the couple wants to do, she said, is fill their guests’ inboxes with a bunch of ads.


Brett McMartin is the Marketing Manager at with Bon Appetit Y’all in Sherman who has six years of experience in the wedding industry. She said just because a couple doesn’t do e-vites to the wedding doesn’t mean they have to ignore technology completely. She said she has seen quite a few brides going the digital route for their Save the Date notices.


“It is kinda the invitation before the invitation,” she explained, and is often used to make people aware of the couple’s wedding websites. Wedding websites, she said, are all the rage and allow couples to showcase their relationship story from how they met to their engagement while imparting information about the date and location of the planned wedding. The websites can show off the colors that are expected to associated with the wedding and the style of the wedding. Couples can also include a tab on the website that will allow people to find their registry information.


Then, McMartin said, the couple can go ahead and send a formal printed wedding invitation later.