Allure Laser and Medical Spa in Sherman has been on the forefront of women’s health services for nearly 20 years. The practice, started as an obstetrics and gynecological office by Dr. DeAn Strobel, now has services related to bladder disorders, hormonal balance, sexual dysfunction, well-woman exams, gynecologic surgery and female sterilization as well as laser treatment, injectables, skin surfacing and hair restoration.

The spa also offers services just for men, including laser hair reduction, Kybella, low testosterone evaluation and skin care.

It all began shortly after Strobel completed her residency at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas in June of 1999. That May, she had married Dr. Winston Marshall, a local cardiologist, and the couple decided to move to Sherman to go into group practice.

“When I first went into practice, I practiced in general obstetrics and gynecology, but in a smaller town like Sherman, most Ob/Gyn docs do a much broader scope of practice than in larger towns,” Strobel said in an email interview. “For instance, since we do not have many sub specialists, most Ob/Gyn in this size of a town take care of all varieties of pregnancy complications.”

For example, in places like the Metroplex, high-risk patients are generally sent to a maternal-fetal medicine doctor.

“Also, on the Gyn side, our town does not have surgical subspecialists such as urogynecology, pelvic medicine or gynecologic oncology,” she explains. “This means that gynecologists here (at that time) did all of our own surgeries as well including pelvic reconstruction surgery, female urinary incontinence surgery, some types of Gyn cancer surgeries, as well as general gynecology surgeries such as cyst removal and hysterectomy.”

As time went on, Marshall and Strobel decided it was time to start a family. The pair were blessed with twin boys in 2001. Shortly after the birth of the boys, Strobel decided that she wanted to focus on women’s health services and step away from obstetrics.

“At that time, there were no local doctors prescribing bio-identical hormones, incorporating functional medicine or using outpatient laser treatments for things such as laser hair removal,” she says about her decision to focus more on gynecology and gynecological surgeries. “Many of my patients needed and asked for services such as this in Sherman.”

In learning more, Strobel found out that she liked the study of functional medicine, or learning why something happens to someone and trying to reverse the root cause rather than use medication as a bandage.

“I began learning more and studying more about chronic disease such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation and autoimmune conditions,” she talks about the process she went through to get to the type of medicine she practices today. “I also decided to study about lasers and later decided to go into private practice so that I could pursue other interests in my practice of medicine.”

Allure was opened in 2002 under the name Complete Women’s Care. Allure still stands at 230 East Evergeen Street in Sherman.

“As time went on, the natural tendency for a practice, such as mine, was to try to serve the patients not only with things that are a medical necessity but also certain desires of the patients, such as non-surgical cosmetic treatments,” she explains how the service offerings began to expand. “Over the last 17 years, both the clinic and the spa have changed dramatically. Services at the spa now include laser hair removal, laser vein treatments, laser skin rejuvenation, neurotoxin injections for wrinkles (Botox and Xeomin), volume restoration with a multitude of fillers, laser tattoo removal and revision, microderm abrasion, micro needling, SkinPen, Vampire Facial, wrinkle and acne scar treatments (Secret RF) with radio-frequency energy, hormone optimization (for men and women) as well as non-surgical treatments for the bladder (Emsella and MonaLisa Touch) and disorders of the female anatomy which tend to (sadly) occur very commonly with aging and menopause or even just after childbirth.”

The reason that these services became important to Strobel were because, as she says, many conditions that are really common in women used to be considered taboo to talk about, and many women suffered because of that idea.

“I find it still common that many women suffer in silence,” she says about how the dialogue behind women’s health and services can be improved. “Thankfully, more women are speaking up and telling their friends about their own experiences, which makes other women realize they are not alone. Knowing that there are others with the same condition makes women speak up more freely.”

As the conversation about women’s health continues to improve, there is still work to do. One aspect that has improved, Strobel believes, is the discussion about intimacy for women.

“Intimacy is a huge component of a healthy and happy relationship,” she expounds. “Many couples feel that they will no longer be able to enjoy an intimate relationship once a women begins to start having certain problems, such as severe dryness or burning or even incontinence. Many women find intimacy to be too painful or too embarrassing.”

Through medical advancements, Strobel and doctors like her are now able to reverse the majority of these conditions with lasers or even focused magnetic energy.

“When I have a husband tell me thank you for giving his wife back to him or have a patient tell me that I helped save her marriage, that is very rewarding to me!” she exclaims.

While the range of services offered by Strobel at her hormonal balance and wellness practice and Allure Laser and Medical Spa have changed over time, from the beginning, there was only one goal in mind. It was always about health, quality of care and long-term effectiveness.

“I felt like for someone to be truly healthy, I had to treat them as a whole and not just a ‘part,’” Strobel says. “That means we had to address the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ of a condition.”

Even though many of the current medical treatments have taken the medical community decades to accept, as it pertains to women’s health, change is coming. And, Allure wants to continue to update its services as groundbreaking innovations and discoveries become more available. A huge field getting a lot of attention now, Strobel says, is genetics.

“Cosmetic concerns directly affect a patient’s mental health,” she explains why cosmetic and personal wellness should be considered along with physical health. “If someone feels self-conscious, it can also affect other aspects of their life such as their personal life or even professional life. Self-confidence does make a difference for both women and men.”

That is just one of the reasons why Allure has offerings for both women and men.

“Although I am trained as a gynecologist, many years ago, several of my patients started asking me if I would see their husbands to try to help them feel well again, too,” Strobel talks about how she began offering men’s services. “Of course, I initially refused, but after this happened repeatedly, I finally agreed to start seeing men in my clinic. There were Complete Women’s Care signs everywhere at the time, too, so I made sure the guys knew I am a Gyn. I thought they’d come in once and then never return again! Boy, was I wrong!”

The men started telling their friends how much better they felt. Ten years later, about 15 percent of Strobel’s hormone optimization patients are male.

“I think caring and really listening to the patients is key in helping to restore personal wellness,” Strobel says.

And that practice has translated to patients.

“I love to hear from patients and their families that my practice, my staff or I have impacted them or were instrumental in some grand aspect of their lives,” Strobel’s email says. “It is a wonderful feeling to give someone back their life or marriage and to restore a happiness and energy that they never thought they would enjoy again. I want my clinic and Allure to also be known for caring … truly caring … about our patients.”