Pastel colors and athleisure is the forecast for fashion in 2019. So that means that it’s time to bring out the soft blues, pinks, yellows, greens and oranges this spring.


Also, that means that athletic leggings and yoga pants are not just for the gym and workout rooms anymore.


As fashion continues in American history, there have been some unforgettable trends in the 20th century such as the a-line dress in the early 1900s and bell bottom pants in the mid- to late-1900s. And as time moves on, our fashion trends haven’t been quite as dramatic — until now.


“This spring 2019, shoppers can anticipate a coastal cool vibe of purity and simplicity with tranquil hues inspired by elevated coastal culture,” Macy’s Media Relations Manager Lauren Vocelle said.


This is a big jump from last year. 2018 served to be the year of a few trends, including crop tops, oversized sweaters and statement pieces. For example, women paired their outfits with a bold shoe or a loud pair of earrings.


While this mix is reminiscent of clothes from the 80s and 90s, 2019 will put a bit of a spin on a classic favorite.


According to Macy’s, women’s looks are leaning toward a well-tailored jacket, a sophisticated layered-sleeve top or sweatshirt, paired with pastel pumps.


The style known as dressy casual adds a bit of pizzazz to any outfit.


Athleisure shouldn’t change much in the near future as far as mixing and matching pants and tops. However, Macy’s stylists agree that the colors remaining on-trend are “calm” colors such as grey, blue, pale pink and more. Additionally, sneakers continue to be neutral colors such as grey, black and white.


“For women, offerings of metallic and shine in a sophisticated and calm palette of pastel” will endure this year, Vocelle said. “The women’s ‘It List’ will include the natural bag, the blue shoe, the statement sneakers, the pastel suit, ditsy florals and more, while the men’s ‘It List’ will include the navy suit, the floral shirt, the track jacket, the fashion hoodie and more.”