Thanks to a laudatory segment on the TV travel show “The Texas Bucket List” and a way with a back-to-the-basics hamburger menu, Muddbone’s Burgers in Bonham has become a must try spot for local residents and burger fans from all over. That being the case, it was off to Fannin County to see what the hullabaloo was all about.

It was about noon, and the line of people waiting to order was backed up to the door. On the wall was the menu lineup of hamburgers — labeled “Old School” style — and chicken sandwiches. That’s it. Save for a couple of items aimed for the kids, what you see is what you get. The Old School is a classic burger off a flat top grill, and after that you can make the burger you want with add ons.

The signature of the house, and the burger that brought the bright lights of TV to Bonham, is Muddbone’s Smokey Delux. It’s a quarter-pound patty topped with grilled onions, jalapeños and the super secret smokey jalapeños sauce, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles mustard, as well as mayo and served up on a big toasted bun. You can add more meat to the lineup, but frankly the Smokey Deluxe, as it comes off the grill .is a handful. Sold as a combo offering, it comes with a soft drink and a bag of chips.

I gave Kyle Sanderson, who mans the order window, my order, and he passed it back to Jarrett Munger, who runs the grill and came up with the smokey jalapeño sauce idea. While I waited, I took a closer look at the menu and pondered ordering a rattlesnake egg, which is ground beef, onions, jalapenos and cheese wrapped up in an egg roll wrapper and fried. However, I decided to hold of and well that I did when I pulled the Smokey Deluxe out of the bag, and considered how to attack it.

I figured it out, and was soon munching down a spicy, flavorful mix of a whole passel of iconically Texas tastes with each bite. As a rule, I am not that much enamored of spicy chiles and a lot of heat, but the Smokey Deluxe had found the right mix of hot. Each bite had enough kick to be noticed and to linger for a moment on the palate. And when it faded, you were ready for another taste.

Muddbone’s has earned its reputation and popularity, and deserves a spot on any burger lover’s bucket list. The next time I’m in Bonham though, I may just try the Texas Cheese Steak and some fried pickles — and oh yeah, one of those rattlesnake eggs.

Also of note is that Muddbone’s is cash only, no plastic. You can watch the “Texas Bucket List” episode on Muddbone’s on YouTube.

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