For some, finding love is hard, but for others, finding love is as easy as going to Agriculture class. That was the case for Madison Caldwell and Nicholas Lowry, who started dating in 2012 when they were both in high school in Callisburg.

The pair, who now reside in Sanger, were married last month at Hawthorn Hills Event Center in Krum.

“I knew this relationship was worth holding onto when he would literally do anything and everything for me,” Caldwell said in an email interview. “Of course, we broke up a few times in high school, however he never gave up and that proved to me that he was the one.”

While the pair had known each other for a long time through their mothers, they said budding romance was not acknowledged for most of their lives. It was not until Lowry began picking on Caldwell that she realized he felt something for her.

“He would pick on me and call me names until one day I was having a bad day and no longer thought it was funny,” she said. “I got mad at him. He then apologized and asked for my number. I was not interested at first, but with the help of a few friends, I decided to give him a shot.”

Though there were heartbreaks and triumphs along the way, the couple stuck by each other.

“We went to San Antonio on Labor Day weekend of 2018,” Caldwell said. “On the way there, we got the devastating phone call that my grandfather suddenly died.”

Despite Caldwell’s devastation, the couple decided to continue on to SeaWorld.

“On this trip was my younger brother, his girlfriend and my younger sister,” Caldwell said. “I did not know he was going to propose, however, I found the ring box in our suitcase before we left. I did not think anything of it because he is very good about giving gifts.”

That Saturday night, Caldwell and Lowry had dinner on the Riverwalk then went on a horse and carriage ride.

“He was helping me off the carriage when he got down on one knee and proposed,” Caldwell said. “This was a huge deal to me because there were a lot of people around and Nick is very awkward.”

The ring itself was not a surprise to Caldwell. She had been giving subtle hints of what she would like since 2016. So technically, she designed the ring herself.

And though Caldwell had an idea of what she wanted for the ring, neither Caldwell nor Lowry knew what their big day would look like.

“We picked an all inclusive venue that would handle all of that for us,” she said. “With the help of them and Pinterest, we designed the wedding of our dreams.”

The one word the Lowrys use to describe their day is “extravagant.”

“When we would watch movies with weddings in them or go to friends’ wedding we would make mental notes of what we liked or did not like,” Madison Lowry said.

Throughout the wedding planning process, Madison and Nicholas Lowry made it a point to stick to what they liked and make the day about exactly what they wanted.

“Do not wait until the last minute to buy the little things because they add up quickly,” Madison Lowry said of the advice she would give other couples. “Do not compare your wedding to others that you have been to. It is your day and I promise it will always be special.”

Though Madison and Nicholas Lowry invited nearly 200 people, roughly 150 showed up to the plum, pewter, dark purple and dark gray themed event.

“The most important part to us was our vows,” Madison Lowry said. “We wrote our owns vows and his were amazing. He won by a landslide and there was not a dry eye in the building. We also wanted everyone to have fun, but also be able to feel the love that we have for one another.”

Now the two describe their first month of marriage as a walk through life with your best friend always by your side.

“It’s awesome,” Madison Caldwell said. “And always having someone to tell your secrets to and share your thoughts, fears etc. We learned what we wanted from the other. We learned our love languages and ensured they were being met. We are very open and honest with one another and that helped a lot.”

For the future of the Lowrys, marriage goals come from their pastor and his wife. And, in the years to come. as the Lowrys’ idea of love and marriage grows, they hope to be like the leaders of their church.

“They are always so happy, so honest and so pure,” Madison Caldwell said. “They go on date nights once a week regardless of their busy schedule and three children. We will definitely go to them for advice. There is also one other couple we love and aspire (to be like). They are also from our church but he have known them for a few years and frequently babysit their son. They are so fun and outgoing and keep each other laughing.”