Fred Hudson had an unusual family reunion recently. Now 78, the longtime Sherman resident met his long-lost sister for the first time.

Sharon Joyce traveled with her husband from Portland, Oregon, to meet Hudson, whom she had not known about, for the first time.

It was an emotional ride for Hudson, who grew up in a foster family knowing he had at least two sisters, though he was never able to make much progress finding them.

“When I found out she was out there, it gave me peace in my heart I had found the person I had been looking for,” Hudson said. “It wasn’t an easy road. I am glad at this point we decided to meet at this time in my life. I wish it had been sooner.”

The 76-year-old Joyce said that wasn’t an anguish she had experienced in her life.

“My journey was very different,” Joyce said. “I didn’t know I had any other siblings. There was no yearning like he talked about because there was no knowledge. I wasn’t looking for siblings because I didn’t think I had any.”

She said the first time she talked with her newly discovered brother it felt right.

Hudson was raised in Seattle, Washington, and then went into the Navy before meeting his wife and settling in Sherman where she was from. Joyce was given to a foster family in Portland, where she was raised believing she was an only child. She said once she learned she had family, she embarked on a journey to get to know more.

She said her discovery began when she uncovered a copy of her birth certificate a few years ago. Joyce said it sat on her desk for five days before she noticed it had siblings marked on it. She said it was kind of a shock.

Hudson said he has not met their other sister due to health issues making travel difficult for both parties, though he has spoken with her. He said he hopes to meet her but doesn’t know how much time either of them have left. The recently reunited siblings said, to the best of their knowledge, they might have one more sibling from the original couple that gave birth to them.

Joyce and Hudson said they were separated when they were taken into foster care as children. They had a DNA test to confirm their relationship once it was discovered.