DENTON — A local group is gearing up for the debut of its second album. Brownbag, a blues-rock three-piece band based out of the Denton area, will be releasing physical CDs of “Go Ahead” through CD Baby and will have the work available digitally through all online outlets.

The group’s first album was released in 2008.

“It kind of mirrors our first record in many ways so no vast departure there,” group member Scott Heaton said in an email interview. “Some of the material on ‘Go Ahead’ even dates from back then. We just wanted to be sure we featured some straightforward rock on this one. If it moves into a hard blues territory at times then that’s probably just more of a reflection of what will always be a natural inclination of ours.”

“Go Ahead” will feature 12 songs recorded by the group in 2018.

“Our inspirations are vast but it’s probably album oriented rock that influences us the most,” Heaton said. “We all have memories of that kind of radio being a dominant fixture in our early development. Rock albums of the early 90’s were the gateway to the well-conceived records of the late 60’s and 70’s that we all agree today are classics. Before that, it was the blues.”

The group has a strong love for rock music and Heaton said there is not a more unique experience than that of picking up an instrument and being creative with other people. And as for the overall direction of rock music, he said it is just different than how it was in the past.

“You don’t always know where it’s gonna go and every listener has been the beneficiary of groups of people working that way,” he said. “I really have no idea of the direction of music or rock specifically, and haven’t for a while, but to think that we live in a world where a computer costs half as much as a trombone…”

Heaton’s band members had included Steve Sayed and Jason Ferguson, but recently, Jordan Benoit has taken over on the drums.

The group’s favorite song to play changes with each performance.

“They’re kind of like kids that way,” Heaton said. “Maybe in a hypothetical dream world we could open for Captain Beefheart while supporting War. We could call it the the Bag your Beefheart for War tour. I think we’d like that more than touring with G.G. Allin. I get the feeling he might have been really hard to get along with some nights. Guess we’ll never really know for sure…”

One of the things that is interesting about the group is Heaton does not consider the band members as artists.

“We just like to play rock and blues music,” his email said. “Hometown support is great but we also settle for the general kind too.”