Ginger Nye does not consider herself an artist but said she does think she is a creative person. From the time that she read about the Sherman Arts Festival in the newspaper, she has been invested in the concept of art and how people who are not artists can relate to it.

Nye will be giving a presentation at the Monday meeting of the Sherman Art League. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Forster Art Complex Building at Austin College in Sherman.

“We were new here and I knew maybe 4 people,” Nye said in an email interview about her first experience with art. “The article said to call if you wanted to volunteer so I did. Next thing I knew I was in charge of a domino tournament. (Sadly, the domino players didn’t appreciate my lack of domino knowledge. There was almost a domino strike.)”

That was a pivotal moment for Nye because it got her involved with an organization that she still works with: the Sherman Art League.

“I enjoy doodling and messing around with watercolors,” she said. “I love having local art in my home. Most of our walls feature local artists and there are many that are sentimental and special to me.”

Nye is more than a lover of art, she has also been an advocate for Sherman being designated as a cultural arts district. She also worked with 903 Brewers to host a gift-wrapping party. The gifts were placed at area businesses through the holiday season as a means to promote the arts district designation.

Nye’s SAL presentation will be on the Winter Art Tour Tour Exhibition Dash in Sherman.

“Art in all its forms enhances a community and can bring a community together,” Nye said. “Sherman has outstanding offerings that include the performance arts, culinary arts, art events, visual arts, and arts businesses.”

Nye said she cannot name one artist that she thinks is amazing without naming a dozen.

“There are all different kinds of art but the onus is on the viewer to seek it out and open their mind to take it in,” she said. “Art is everywhere. The vision of the Sherman Cultural District is to embrace our lively, imaginative and evolving artistic hub that engages all people in the creative life of our city. The upcoming Winter Art Exhibit & Tour is striving to get visual arts in front of folks by exhibiting artwork in businesses within the Cultural District. Some of the business are galleries, but there will be art in boutiques, eateries, a screen print shop and a barbershop.”

The exhibits will be up throughout the month of February.

“The mission of the Sherman Cultural District is to advocate for the arts and artists, improve the built environment, promote arts-based tourism and economic growth, and create opportunity for inclusive cultural and civic engagement with art in all forms,” her email said. “One of the first goals of the Cultural District Advisory Council was to get a comprehensive arts calendar in place. And we have! The SCD website at has an event calendar that’s doing a great job gathering and posting happenings.”

As someone that really enjoys being able to take in art, Nye said that whether it is studying a painting, watching a play, listening to the symphony, or enjoying a craft beer, the individual taking in the art analyzes the work based on their own life experiences and starts a dialogue.

“The conversations sparked by such an experience may be verbalized or might happen only in one’s mind,” she said. “But there is growth, enjoyment, emotional reaction by the viewer. It might be as simple as a smile.”

Nye’s recommendation for an individual who wants to get into art, no matter what medium, is to get off the couch, put the device down and look at area event calendars. She said from there it is simple, just go.

“When I hear someone say there’s nothing to do around here I want to see the rock they’ve been living under,” her email said. “This area is full of activities! Check out the library programs, Austin and Grayson College programs, the symphony, the community players. Between now and April there will be Mardi Gras events, a St. Patrick’s parade, a Jazz festival, the Celtic Festival, Craft the Night Away and the list goes on and on! The Art Dash! (I almost forgot to mention the one I’m organizing!)”

Also during the Monday meeting of the Sherman Art League, local artist Ginger Walker will give a presentation on techniques individuals can use when drawing with wax, clay and oil-based colored pencils.

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