It was gray and cool with a promise of rain, so I decided I wanted a bowl of soup. I had recently had soup at C.J.’s Coffee Café in Sherman, but I had not been to the mother store in Denison. Dilemma solved. The promised rain was more of a fast drizzle at the time I drove down Main Street to the old Greyhound Bus station that now houses the coffee shop.

C.J.’s has been serving up the java, soup, salads and sandwiches since 2010, and has built a steady reputation and a loyal following, so I was not expecting anything unusual. I found my soup, the day’s special of Chicken & Wild Rice Vegetable, and added half a BLTA (that’s bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado) minus the avocado.

Sorry, I’m just not an avocado fan.

At $6, with 50 cents for the government, and a tip, that’s about as inexpensive a lunch as you will find anywhere.

The good-sized bowl of soup and the sandwich were soon set on my table and lunch got underway. The soup was excellent, with pieces of white meat chicken swimming in flavorsome chicken broth also populated by carrots, green beans, peas and wild rice.

Did you know that wild rice is a grass seed native to North America?

Too often, chicken soup is over salted, and the salt dominates the flavor; not so with this version.

As for the BLT, it was good too. The bacon was crisp, the tomatoes red, and with a dollop on the soft fresh oat wheat bread, it added a little crunch to the lunch.

I am not a coffee drinker, so I can’t attest to C.J.’s coffee, but that’s what they started with and have stayed with for eight years. So coffee drinkers must take to it. They offer a selection of their own pastries and cakes to go with your coffee or to finish off a meal if you like a sweet finish.

I went looking for a good, quick lunch, and I found it. C.J.’s menu is much the same in both the Denison and Sherman locations, so a bowl of soup is not too far away. The soup of the day is listed on the store’s Web page, and for the time being they have added chili to the daily offering. I’ve had the chili in Sherman, and give it a thumbs up as well.

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