Area residents will have the chance to play with some goats while doing yoga on Saturday. Susie Martin of Happy Goat Yoga of Dallas/Fort Worth will be bringing her animals to Texoma just for that purpose.

The fundraising event will be held from 10 a.m. to noon at Ironroot Republic in Denison and will be taught by yoga instructor Andrea Moog from The Yoga Studio in Sherman.

“Yoga originated in the country of India,” The Yoga Studio owner Rhonda Corley said. “It is at least 5,000 years old and many people believe that it is much older than that. Actually, the postures that people do were created to help open up your body so energy flows freely through your body which is the eastern approach. They feel like health and wellness comes from energy flowing freely in your body without blockages or restrictions.”

Corley also explained that is done with the yoga postures and eight limbs of yoga. Also, learning proper breathing which is called pranayama is important. Yoga includes some meditation as well.

“It is like a tree with eight limbs,” Corley said. “Each of them is important in yoga.”

The goats at Saturday’s event are not going to be doing yoga, but will be props that will hopefully make people happy while they are doing the yoga, Corley said.

“These classes allow you to get out of your own head for a while and realize there is more to the world than the problems you woke up thinking about,” Martin said in a news release.

Individuals will have the opportunity to play with goats, do yoga or play with goats while doing yoga and the proceeds for the event will be given to The Rehabilitation Center in Sherman. About 15-20 goats will be present. The first hour of the event will be dedicated to yoga and the second hour will be dedicated to playing with the goats.

“TRC provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to children and adults regardless of their ability to pay for those services,” Corley said in a news release.

Each individual intending to do yoga should bring his or her own mat, water bottle and towel. The class is outdoors and good for all levels of yoga enthusiasts.

The class is rain or shine and yoga participants will receive one free cocktail from Ironroot. For those just wanting to play with the goats, tickets are $8. Family goat playtime is $18. Yoga and goat play time is $40. Tickets for teachers and civil servants are $35.

Ironroot Republic is located at 3111 Loy Lake Road in Denison.