Callena Fitzpatrick is not new to writing. She has written and self-published a manual on childcare as well as a nonfiction children’s story.

Recently, she embarked on telling a more personal story. Fitzpatrick will present her newest work, “Silent Secrets Broken” during a book signing and launch at the Denison Public Library on Saturday. The event will be held from 2:30-4:30 p.m.

“Writing this book was not easy for me,” Fitzpatrick said in a press release. “When you write about your life there are things that you have to relive and may have to deal with.”

“Silent Secrets Broken” is the story of a young girl dealing with depression, abuse, alcoholism and thoughts of suicide. The book is geared towards young adults and teens, but Fitzpatrick said the story is of interest to anyone that has dealt with any of the themes in the book.

“Adolescence was hard for me,” she said. “Depression started before then. A lot of teens have thoughts of suicide and have endured some type of abuse or trauma. They do not know how to deal with it. It’s important to talk to people. I was afraid, but there were people I could have talked to. You have to understand that there are understanding people that you can talk to. That is what this book is all about.”

Fitzpatrick began writing this book in her mind and through a journal when she was about 11 years old.

“I was laying in bed one night and the Holy Spirit came to me and said, ‘You will write a book,’” she said. “I ignored it, but God kept pursuing me. Then in 2016, when I finally sat down to actually write the book, I realized that I had begun writing the story when I was 11.”

From there, the process took her less than two years.

“Writing was an escape for me when I was younger,” Fitzpatrick said. “Writing or drawing pictures was something I was always doing. When I was younger, my brother and I would go to a neighbor’s house. We would sit with her and talk to her. She taught me the importance of reading and writing. I wrote in my journals in college and people always told me that I was a good writer. I was an emotional writer. I did not really understand what that meant until I began really working on this story.”

Fitzpatrick is currently working on the sequel to “Silent Secrets Broken,” as well as two more children’s books. Fitzpatrick has spent more than 30 years in the child care industry. She has worked with public schools in the Sherman and Denison area on early childhood education.

Fitzpatrick has a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies. She is an adult trainer, child development advisor and the owner of C.F. Training Services.

For more information about Callena’s book, please contact Callena Fitzpatrick at 903-814-3796 or