In 1983, Kevin Stigwood a physics teacher at Alta Dena High School in Thousand Oaks, California, lost a debate with a student. Per the agreement, the loser of the debate would have to do anything the winner demanded.

Stigwood was asked to perform “She Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby during the halftime show at the school’s state basketball championship game. With the help of other teachers, Sidney Baderman, Curtis Stigwood and Rusty A. Woosmeir, the Spazmatics took the stage for their first performance.

Since then, bands by the same name have been created around the United States. Playing similar sets, the group exists in Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, North Carolina, New York, Seattle, Utah and other places.

The Spazmatics have standing performances each Wednesday at the Cedar Street Courtyard in Austin. Not missing a show, the group will be in Sherman this Thursday to perform at Hot Summer Nights. The performance will begin at 7 p.m. on the lawn of the Sherman Municipal Building.

“I have heard the Texas Spazmatics performing when I was with a friend in Austin,” Main Street/Tourism Director Sarah McRae said. “I was in college when I first heard them. Since I have been working with the city on Hot Summer Nights, the Spazmatics have come up every year, but this was the first time that everything just fell into place.”

McRae, who is a fan of the band, said that she may even dress up for the performance that will be held on her birthday.

“The band dresses up like characters based on ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ and they perform the best of ’80s pop so it really will be something for everyone,” she said.

The all-male group made up of members Bjorn on lead guitar, Zeek on lead vocals, Joey on bass guitar and Ralfie on drums has performed at events for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Texas Christian University, Texas Tech University, the University of Texas and the Ronald McDonald House.

Along with pop, the band performs disco, metal, hip hop, funk, ’80s, ’90s, swing, classic rock, country and tribute music.

“Being on the planning committee for Hot Summer Nights along with the others means that we get to take what we have heard from the community and use it to plan the series,” McRae said. “We love getting people’s input. A lot of people said that they like the Spazmatics and it just came together this year. A lot of people remember them from places around Austin.”