Weddings come down to the details, and when searching for the perfect way to finish off your look, there are a number of shops and trends to consider when selecting accessories. After all, it can be the final touches that make or break a look.

Lead Bridal Consultant Laura Neal at Treasure Trunk in Sherman discussed a number of popular bridal accessories that complete the bride’s look, such as sparkling belts that add a shimmering touch of elegance, while also cinching in the waist.

A big trend that Neal has noticed is that many brides are seeking to be comfortable on their big day. Keeping comfort in mind, popular North Texas bridal shoe trends lean toward cowboy boots, flats and even bare feet in order to provide for optimal bridal happiness. For girls wishing to go adventurous with bare feet — at an outdoor venue — there is the added option of decorating your feet with custom foot jewelry.

For brides wishing to steer in a more traditional route, Neal says silver heels are very popular for brides at the moment. Treasure Trunk also offers a number of romantic veils, detachable trains and decorated headbands and tiaras to compliment the gown and add some extra flair. profiled the best accessories from Bridal Fashion Week to launch 2018 wedding trends, which were all about making the bride stand out. While brides who have already planned a traditional outing might want to avoid any extra statement pieces, there are plenty of fun options to explore for anyone wishing to go a little bolder with her fashion selection.

Even those with limited bridal knowledge know one thing: the bride wears white to the wedding. Keep this is mind as it is inappropriate for guests to wear white and black is also often a frowned upon color to wear to a wedding, as it is traditionally a sign of mourning. While black gowns made a huge splash on the runways, a less extreme option is black accessories. This comes in many forms, from shoes to belts to hair ribbons to bold statement earrings. Ornate statement earrings can add a wonderful contrast to a traditional gown for the perfect merging of classic meets contemporary.

Statement earrings in general are a very popular item at the moment for brides. Bold earrings can compliment the dress and draw attention to the face, with earrings sweeping with feathers and pears creating a standout look. Another option is to accessorize with an ear cuff to add a bit of flair.

Tapping back into more antiquated times, gloves are the perfect way to keep a look classic and elegant for a ladylike finish. Lace and sheer gloves are delicate and feminine ways to dress up a gown. Pearls are also making their way around the bridal circuit, whether they are worn as body jewelry, decoration or in a more traditional sense as earrings or necklaces.

Trending hair adornments are more out there, including large flowers with slicked-back updos for a statement look. Hair accessories border on floral and feminine, while looks such as birdcage veils provide a more retro vibe. Meanwhile, headbands are a simple way to dress up a look without too much fuss.

Lastly, a high fashion trend in bridal wear that is making a big splash in 2018 is covering up the neck of the bride — whether that be through feathers, graphics, netting or pearls for a sophisticated, elegant and overall edgy look. Neck cuffs have a variety of styles ranging from flowing feathers to nets adorned with details and ornaments.

After all the time, effort and money that goes into selecting the perfect dress, it would be a shame to not polish the look to perfection with the proper accessories.