I was wondering what to do for lunch on a lazy Monday, when I got a call to meet a couple of friends at the Denison Food Truck Park. I had been by the location at 225 W. Crawford St. across from Munson Stadium, but I had not tried any of the trucks at that point. There were two trucks working the park that day, the Bacon Bros. Burgers & BBQ out of Leonard, and Takara Hibachi Express from Fort Worth.

One friend ordered the steak and chicken hibachi, while the other friend and I checked out the burger truck. I got a sample of the chopped brisket, and decided to give that a try and my friend went for a hamburger. Both sandwiches came with a bag of chips. (Query: Is it proper to classify a hamburger as a sandwich? I never thought so; a sandwich is a sandwich and a burger is a burger and never the … well, you know the rest.)

The park has picnic tables set up under awnings to offer relief from the elements, in this case a very warm sun. That’s a lot better than trying to eat in the car or standing up but if you plan to eat and visit, bring a cushion. The benches are hard.

Under the awning, we broke out the steak and chicken hibachi, the hamburger and the barbecue sandwich and compared notes. The steak and chicken hibachi sat on a mound of rice with a scoop of stir-fried veggies alongside. It looked and smelled appetizing and got positive comments from my friend. The other friend pronounced the hamburger a success as well.

The barbecue was OK. The brisket was chopped fine and the sauce, on the sweet side, smothered any particular flavor or smoke the meat might have had. Was it a great sandwich, something to note in your culinary diary? No. Was it a tasty lunch and worth the price of six bucks? Yes. Would I go back for another one? Probably not, but if the truck were in the vicinity, I would give the burger a try. It looked basic, but sometimes, basic can fill the bill quite nicely.

Denison’s Food Truck Park is a great idea. Come football season, if the park is packed with trucks offering a wider variety of food, it will be a popular place for the crowds headed for Munson Stadium to see the Yellow Jackets.

Here’s hoping Sherman moves forward with a similar idea.

Note: All of the trucks are independent operators. There is no central roster or schedule, and no way of knowing what trucks will be set up in the park and when. Patrons have to check the website or Facebook page for each truck to try and figure things out. A little more organization and information, including menus, at a single source would certainly help the public.

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