Music on Main will be hearing from another Texas artist during this week’s performance. Josh Weathers of Fort Worth will be performing original songs as well as a few covers during his performance at Heritage Park in Denison.

Weathers will take to the Music on Main stage at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

According to Reverb Nation, Weathers is a mix of R&B, funk, rock and soul. He performs many regional shows and has shared the stage with George Clinton, Eddie Money and Galactic.

Weathers answered a few questions about his upcoming performance.

Q. What kind of music can fans expect?

A. I would consider my music to be a bit of rock and a bit of soul. It’s like down home Americana. It just encompasses a little bit of everything. I would say that another artist that is similar to myself is John Mellencamp.

Q. Who are your musical influences?

A. I would say that my musical influences are equal parts George Strait and Stevie Wonder. Growing up, my mom loved country music and my dad loved soul music. I just became like a mixture of the two. I love them both.

Q. This is a community show. Do you prefer playing community shows or festival shows or bar and club shows?

A. I love community shows. I definitely love playing events like this where there will be a lot of families. I am the father of four, so when I am with my children, I love to go to places where I can bring them.

Q. Tell me about “Love Like You Mean It.” Why is this organization important to you?

A. My wife and I started “Love Like You Mean It” about two and a half years ago. We adopted a little girl from India. When we were in the process of getting her, we took a trip to India and we saw just how destitute the poor in India are. We saw a lot of homelessness. We saw a lot of orphans everywhere. It was really devastating seeing children on the streets. Right now, we are building a school and a home for girls in India. We currently have about 150 kids in the “Love Like You Mean It” program. I would say that music is my passion, and “Love Like You Mean It” is my life’s work.

Q. What is your favorite song to play/perform?

A. My favorite song to perform live right now is a new song that we recently recorded called, “Wild Ones.” There are a lot of harmonies. I just love the sound of the voices blending together. It is really beautiful. Also, we will probably be performing a cover of “Summertime Blues.” It was written and recorded originally by Eddie Cochran in like the 1950s, but Alan Jackson made it really popular in the 1990s.

Q. If you could put together your dream tour with dead or alive artists, who would you want to join you on the road and what would you like to perform?

A. Well just off the top would be Stevie Wonder and George Strait. It would be a really fun concert. I think that I would probably just love to sit in the audience every night. But, then again there is also Prince. I would love to be a part of a Prince and Stevie Wonder tour. I saw Prince perform when I was 19. It changed my life. Prince is definitely on my top three, for sure.

Q. What would you like for your musical legacy to be?

A. I want to still be playing and touring in 20 years. When people think of me, I want them to think of me as a man. I want people to be just as much of a fan of me as they are of my music. What my family and friends say about me when I am dead is really important to me. I want my children to be proud of me as a father and as a man. So when it comes to my music, I want them to also think of me as a man and be like, “Man, I just really like that guy.”

Q. What would you like people to be saying about you after your performance?

I want them to be sayings, “That’s the best time that I have ever had.”