Travel is perhaps one of the greatest luxuries available to us today. It comes not just from wealth of resources but of time and technology, and it is a special thing for all of us living in modern times.

Travel can be a chance to relax and seek a change of scenery or to find a reprieve from our hectic schedules. It’s an opportunity to connect with friends who have moved away or rekindle romantic relationships in an isolated and quiet spot. Maybe you find it provides some much-needed family time.

Travel can enhance our understanding of our world and it doesn’t have to be a trip to some exotic local to achieve that. I spent a lot of time thinking about this during a vacation my wife and I took to Orlando while others were hard at work on this issue. (Let’s call it research.)

For us, this was a chance to connect with two of our best friends and step away from the hustle and bustle, so we tried to make it a low-key, slow-paced trip that never required us to rush.

To that end, during a hot afternoon at Disney’s Animal Kingdom we stopped in at the Nomad Lounge, a plush bar and lounge complete with themed cocktails. The Nomad Lounge is decorated with quotes and decor inspired by the travels of Disney Imagineers who traverse the planet to bring those experiences back to park-goers.

As I read about the inspiration for the space, I was struck by one quote that sums up the heart behind all the tips, tricks and ideas in this issue: Travel changes “us in unexpected ways. Travel has a way of doing that. … Travel opens your eyes and inspires as many questions as it provides answers.”

So when you head out on vacation this year or for a day trip or weekend getaway, look for those questions to drive you forward in life. That is what travel is for.