After retiring from a career as an accountant for the Internal Revenue Service, Bonnie Bledsoe decided that she wanted to be an artist. She watched YouTube videos and took a few classes and now is teaching a workshop at the Creative Arts Center in Bonham.

Bledsoe’s acrylic pouring worship will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at 200 W. 5th Street in Bonham.

“It is going to be messy, so bring an old T-shirt or a smock,” Bledsoe said. “If you have a heat gun, bring that too. This is just so much fun because you do not have to be an artist to do this. If you know how to put colors together, you will love doing acrylic pouring.”

Acrylic pouring is a new painting technique popular with many artists. Painters add a medium to the acrylic paint so that the paint becomes less thick. The paint is placed in a cup and the artist then manipulates the poured paint onto a canvass. Seemingly random patterns and circular cells pop up and create lines and wisps.

“I really enjoy teaching myself and I like to find books on painting on Amazon,” Bledsoe said. “You can teach yourself and learn a lot on acrylics, oils, pastels, and all other types of painting, but I have really gotten into this.”

Bledsoe began painting about six months ago. She said that while she does paint landscapes with oil paints, she is beginning to enjoy abstract art more.

“It is such a new thing and it is so addictive,” she said. “There are a million ways to do this. I am just going to be talking about the way that I like best.”

Bledsoe’s favorite acrylic pouring artist is Debbie Cole, a blogger from the British Cayman Islands.

“When I first saw the pictures, I had no idea what the artists were doing,” she said. “I could not figure out how to do it. Then I learned that there are many ways to do it. So I did a few paintings and entered them into a call for art at the Creative Arts Center. People loved it so I just kept on doing it.”

The cost to attend the class is $50 per person and supplies are included in the cost. Reservations are required with payment. The class space is limited. You need no experience to participate. Call the Creative Arts Center to reserve your space at 903-640-2196.