Hungry and angry diners alike have a new option in downtown Denison that promises to bring a unique take on some traditional American staples. Becky’s Hangry Kitchen opened its doors to the public on Dec. 26 at 120 W. Main, formerly the home of Joyce’s Dugout, for breakfast and lunch service.

Chef and restaurant owner Rebecca Goshorn said the restaurant’s menu features many diner staples that have been modified with flavors she has learned over her 24 year career in culinary arts.

“It is just a mixture of everything I like,” Goshorn said. “It is the things I know but with my own twist to it.”

The word “hangry” — a portmanteau of the words hungry and angry — has become modern slang for anger that comes from being hungry. A small placard near the front of the narrow dining room defines the word for those who might not be familiar with the term. Meanwhile, the restaurant’s logo features an orange angry face wearing a chef’s hat.

Goshorn said she decided to use the word hangry in the title of the restaurant after talking to her 4-year-old twins who recommended the name.

“I wanted my own name in there, and that’s where Becky came from,” she said. “I liked the word hangry, so I went with it. It is a fun word and you can do a lot with it.”

Goshorn said she first thought about opening the restaurant while working with the Pecan Point Assisted Living facility in Sherman, where she still works when not in the restaurant.

“I talked to my husband and we decided it would be a good fit for this,” she said.

Goshorn said she spent 17 years working with the Denny’s chain of restaurants and helped open locations all across the western hemisphere. Through that work, she said she became exposed to different schools of culinary arts and cuisine. Among the places she travelled were Santo Domingo, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii and others.

During a visit to the restaurant Friday, the menu featured items that would seem fit on any diner menu including freshly made chicken and hamburgers. Alongside them, more exotic items like the fried plantains, cheese curds and poutine, a Canadian staple, lined the menu.

Meanwhile, the danger dog claims to be a combination of Los Angeles with Tijuana that features bacon, peppers, onions, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard on a hot dog.

With her latest restaurant, Goshorn said she wanted the space and the menu to be a reflection of her. The walls of the five-table dining room are lined with memorabilia from Professional Bull Riders, of which she is a fan. Several items, including the Bushwacker burger, are named after popular bulls in the sport.

A hip flask signed by the finalists of the 2016 PBR finals sits next to the white “hangry” sign and a poster from the 2015 championships. Other walls in the dining room are decorated with local items and Americana that pay homage to Denison and the region.

“I want this to be a reflection of me,” she said. “It is fun and spicy, but perhaps not too spicy.”

Despite the cold weather that has hit the region in recent weeks, Goshorn said the opening has been a success with large crowds and takeout orders during the lunch rush. Despite starting slow, she said the breakfast traffic had started to pick up Friday morning.

Becky’s Hangry Kitchen is open from 7 a.m. through 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. through 2 p.m. on Saturday.