Barnes and Noble recently released a list of the best selling books of 2017. The reading habits of Texomans do not seem to be in line with those of book buyers at Barnes and Noble locations across the nation but several of the most checked out books from area libraries also appeared on best seller listings from across the nation.

James Patterson was the only author on the Barnes and Noble list that also is a favorite in Grayson County, however, Grayson County residents have been checking out popular novels by Patterson, John Sandford, Danielle Steel, Sue Grafton, Louise Penny, Lee Child, Janet Evanovich, which also appear on The New York Times best-sellers list for 2017.

“The collection of books with the most check outs are what we call our new book collection,” Sherman Public Library Director MeLissa Eason said. “These books are typically new or popular titles placed together to make them easier to browse and locate. These tend to be the the typical best-selling authors and books that make The New York Times best-sellers.”

Denison Public Library Associate Director Steve McGowen said that pop culture often influences which books library patrons tend to check out.

“When a movie comes out, it tends to jump the interest the people have in the book,” he said. “When people want to know more about the story, they want to read the book or other books by the same author.”

Readers of popular fiction and mystery novels tend to check out the most recent works by John Grisham, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, and Stuart Woods in Sherman, while fiction and mystery novel readers in Denison tended to check out books by William Kent Kreuger, Louise Penny, Anthony Doerr, and Mercedez Lackey in 2017. Readers also have liked Star Wars novels this year.

“We receive requests and calls for these authors’ books before they are even released,” Eason said.

When it come to works by Patterson, Nora Roberts and others, McGowen said that the Denison library generally orders the books as soon as they have a release date.

“There are a lot of books we get asked about on a regular basis,” he said. “We also have a lot of people that want to read books that have received awards like Pulitzer Prize winners and other literary awards.”

While the Sherman Library does not have a way of determining the top five books ever checkout at the library, through reports, they were able to determine the most checked out books this year.

“Even this can be skewed if there are multiple copies in different formats: paperback, hardback, large print, audio,” Eason said. “Books with different formats have different records in the system.”