Current events are gaining the attention of area churches. First Baptist Church in Sherman is addressing sexual standards, gender identity and other topics during its four-part Sunday evening preaching series, “Being the Church in a Collapsing Culture.”

“We like to think of our Sunday evening services as equipping services,” said the Rev. Mike Lawson, pastor of the church. “From this series of sermons, I hope our congregation will be better equipped to understand a culture that is changing before our very eyes, and be able to respond to it from a biblical perspective.”

Three of the sermons have been preached, with the concluding sermon scheduled for 6 p.m. Sunday. Lawson said that the congregation has embraced the series and has expressed appreciation for its biblical approach to these issues.

“The sermons have touched on a new morality that has taken shape which has led to a revision of sexual ethics,” said Lawson. “I have attempted to reveal the pitfalls that these changes lead to and to provide a Christian response in addressing them.”

As background for the topics Lawson is addressing in his sermons, Lawson said there recently has been a growing acceptance in the country of secular humanism — a view that places man at the center of the universe instead of God.

“Or for some, a view that replaces God altogether,” Lawson said. “With no God, man is left with no absolute standards to follow, and anything goes.”

He also said that theological liberalism is a trend that has reduced the culture’s reliance on biblical teachings as a guide for moral behavior.

In addition to an abandonment of sexual standards, Lawson addressed what he sees as a disturbing trend found in the transgender movement.

“For someone to believe that he or she is not the person at birth who God created is troubling,” Lawson said. “I believe it points to a strong need that can only be filled by the love of Christ, rather than other measures that some have attempted. It is my prayer that every person will live in the complete fullness of God’s intention, and in union with Jesus Christ.”

Lawson said the response Christians bring to all persons and situations must be biblically sound and firmly grounded in love.

“I want us to see the world as Christ sees it, as a broken world — and as we do, I want us to share with others the love that God so graciously shares with us,” he said.

First Baptist Church is located at 400 S. Travis Street in Sherman.