Some local churches will come together to appreciate public servants next week. Denison churches, First Presbyterian, Park Avenue Church of Christ, Parkside Baptist Church, Waples Memorial United Methodist Church, First Christian Church and Trinity United Methodist Church will host an appreciation luncheon for public service workers Thursday.

The luncheon will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church located at 213 N. Burnett Avenue in Denison.

“We want to support our public servants more than with just saying thanks once a year,” First Presbyterian Pastor Lander Bethel said. “We want to appreciate them every day for what they are doing for us.

Bethel said that the reason the churches have come together to thank the public service workers is because it is what the church has been called to do.

“It is part of churches responsibility,” he said. “We are to live lives of gratitude and express that to others. Hopefully, by doing this we can be an example to others.”

The Denison luncheon is for city, county, state and federal workers, as well as Denison Independent School District Administrative employees.

“Not too long ago, I witnessed an accident between a motorcyclist and a vehicle,” First Presbyterian Pastor Lander Bethel said. “I waited until EMS came. They decided to fly the man to Dallas. Public servants did everything they could to help him get stabilized so that he could be care flighted. That is just one example of how public servants are there for us and they are just there to help us. When we call 911 or the city or anywhere where a public servant is, we expect to get a response. What they do is an incredible gift. It is important to thank these people for what they do.”

Bethel said it’s important to remember to thank and honor those that have been tasked with building roads and bridges as much as it is important to thank those that are responsible for keeping people safe, fighting fires, and enforcing the law.

“The luncheon has been going on for at least 10 years,” Bethel said. “Public servants are underappreciated and we often take them for granted. They make the city and county work. They do everything from collecting garbage to making sure we have clean water to teaching the children.”

Bratcher Funeral Home will be providing the meat for the luncheon and Horace Groff will be cooking the food.

Carryout orders can be called in advance at 903-465-3923.