Last week I reached out to my Facebook friends asking for recommendations on the best burger in Texomaland. I received an overwhelming response for MG’s in Sherman.

Facility: On Wednesday afternoon, my guest and I made our way to MG’s. Although the parking lot is small, there is plenty of parking near the restaurant.

As you enter the building be prepared to take a wonderful step back in time, to a time when life was not necessarily easier — maybe the right word is simpler. The jukebox was playing oldies and the décor was from all makes and models of vehicles.

Here’s a little unsolicited information about me: I love cars. Any type, all kinds — well maybe not Pintos and Vegas but other than that, I like cars. There is so much nostalgic memorabilia, from different cars from different years, hanging all around this restaurant. The articles and pictures create a neat atmosphere. When we walked in, we thought you sit and order like most places, but here you don’t. You go to a window and order first and they bring your food to you.

The staff: The day before, I had been out of town so unbeknownst to me I had left my debit card at home. I started to panic when I realized I had really no official form of payment to pay for the food I had just ordered. There were two women at the register and what I want you to know is they were awesome. I was so embarrassed, but never once did that make me feel like I felt. One woman’s name is Jennifer and by searching online, I was able to find out the other woman’s name is Chanel.

In my frenzy, I ask if there was a bank close by and she said yes up the road. By that time our food was already being prepared. These women allowed me and my guest to eat first and then allowed me to go to the bank and come back and pay her. I was impressed by the hospitality both of these young women showed me in a very stressful situation. I’ve been in retail for 37 years, and I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced hospitality like this. Thank you for not treating me poorly for my negligence.

Food: We ordered fried pickles ($3.75) as an appetizer. They were still juicy, even though they were thin. They were lightly breaded and lightly fried and served with ranch dressing. They had good flavor and were still hot when they were brought out. It only took a couple of minutes to receive our appetizer.

I ordered the Pontiac ($6.75) with onion rings. This is a burger with Swiss, mushrooms, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. Our food was delivered within minutes of our appetizer being brought out. The burger was hot and someone needs to tell me where they get the buns. Oh, my goodness. They have fresh baked hamburger buns like no other in town. (I noticed upon leaving that they have a rack of buns for sale as you leave their establishment.)

While the burger was tasty, I would’ve preferred a little more seasoning in the meat. (You can buy hamburger meat anywhere, it’s how you cook it and what you season it with that makes the difference). The onion rings were good and seasoned perfectly. The onions still had a slight crunch but were filled with a really great flavor. I wonder if these are made at the restaurant because they are like no other I have eaten.

My guest ordered the Cadillac ($7), which is their version of a bacon cheeseburger. She added tater tots as her side. She said the burger was juicy and the bun was fresh. There was plenty of bacon striped across the burgers so you got bacon in each bite. The tater tots were crispy and brown and tasted great. The side portions were generous; I couldn’t even finish all of mine. We ordered Dr. Pepper ($1.85) to drink.

For dessert, we had strawberry cake ($2.75). There are plenty of places that have cake, but most taste like something out of a box. Not here, though. The cake was so good and moist with real strawberry flavor in every bite. It was hard to decide what to get because of the numerous choices. I could’ve ordered one of everything, and I may have to go back and do just that. There is a chocolate brownie that had caramel on it that I definitely see in my future.

Final thoughts: This whole experience was fantastic. Casual, comfortable atmosphere, fantastic people and good food.

It was busy in the dining area and so was the drive-thru, but the staff never missed a beat.

The servers made their way through the dining area numerous times checking on customers and making sure everyone had what they needed. Excellent service.

I would like to continue on my journey to find the best burger in Texomaland before I give a fork rating.

Have you been somewhere this week where you had a great experience like I had? Tell me your story.

Is it more beneficial to establishments to lightly season or not season food due to health issues by patrons? What is the determining factor? I am curious because my dad was a cook for many years and he says the real secret is in the seasoning.