One of my favorite parts of being a journalist has been getting to work with other journalist, and in the two decades I have worked at the Herald Democrat, I have had the pleasure of knowing a lot of them.

Many of them have moved on to brighter things over the years, and there are times when I miss them. Recently one of those folks, William Wadsack, decided to put together a group chat with a bunch of us. I haven't actually had much experience with group chats and decided to put my fear aside to jump into the conversation.

The group includes current Herald Democrat news staff and former staff. While many of us still work in news, I wouldn't say that what has been passed along on the chat so far as been very newsworthy to the outside world. Many of us are friends on other social media, and this chain has that kind of information circulating through it.

I suspect that it will also have a lot of the one-liners, ad libs, and curve ball statements that used to fill our newsroom on a daily basis. At least, that is what I am praying for because I miss that interaction so very much.

That chatter and laughter got me through some really dark days professionally and personally. It was the sound track to the days spent relaying the best and worst information to a community we all loved. Even when we weren't being very lovable to each other in the moment (rare I will assure you) there was a love of the mission and respect for each person's commitment to it that lifted us above the stress involved in the production of a brand new thing every day.

I miss the questions just thrown out to the room at any given moment and the propensity for the answers to those questions to go off the rails in the most unpredictable and often hilarious ways.

I have learned more about art, culture, anatomy, language, family, trends, music, film and many other topics, from those crazy conversations than I ever could have in school. While I don't always love technology, I do like it when it allows me to keep up, instantly, with people who make my heart dance and my soul laugh.