Today, as I sit waiting on the cooler weather and rain we have been promised, I was thinking a lot about two friends whose husbands were hurt recently. Both men are in hospitals right now and things are just as serious as they can get.

Maybe we can't be the answer these women’s prayers that their husbands get better because we are not doctors, but any time we do something nice for another person or go out of our way to remove an obstacle for another person who is struggling, we are helping to answer someone's prayer.

We don't have to be greatly talented, rich or powerful to answer prayers from friends and family. Just seeing the practical things that a friend or stranger needs and providing them is all it takes. One of my friends posted on a social media site that one of her friends was there at her home to help her wash and dry her hair after a long hard day at the hospital. I was just awed by that statement. What a great friend to think of how tired she would be and how good it would feel to have help with such a task.

Everyone knows that this year has been hard. But what we don't always think of is that for some people, it has been extra hard on top of the whole COVID-19, the never ending political debates and the social and racial unrest. Some folks have had to go through all of that and life-altering tragedies. Because, though it is hard to believe, life doesn't stop throwing curve balls and obstacles just because there is a pandemic going on — just like the hurricanes don't stop coming and the wildfires don't all burn out just because there is a pandemic going on.

So I guess what I am asking, is for everyone to try to take a few minutes to remember the good things in life and then think about the good things that can be done to help others.

Just recently the world threw me a curve ball I wasn't at all ready for and someone took the time to stop what they were doing and do all they could to make sure that I was not alone when I found out about that life-altering event. As long as I live, I will remember that act of kindness and how much I felt love for me in it.