Have you had anything pumpkin flavored yet? I have not, but I probably will this weekend. I did notice that more stores have fall related stuff out for sale, including some of the cutest pumpkins I have ever seen. Pumpkins are my favorite fruit when it comes to looking at it or decorating with it. I must confess, I don't eat an awful lot of it.

Just the sight of pumpkins makes me happy. I have no idea why. They just do.

I guess I grew up watching too much animation where the pumpkins turn into carriages and take the lowly kitchen maid away to the ball? Or, maybe I just love the possibility of such a somber looking thing that can, with a little creativity, turn into a jack-o-lantern or painted ornament for the front stoop.

The color orange has always appealed to me, and of course, pumpkins are orange. Well, some are anyway.

I read a piece in Good Housekeeping that said every part of the pumpkin is edible from its stem right down to the seeds. That piece also said that the pumpkin pie we eat these days has very little in common with the way the early American settlers would have eaten pumpkin. Those earlier folks would cut the tops off pumpkins, clean them out and then add in milk, spices and honey before baking them in hot ashes.

Sounds interesting, but I like anything better with a flaky pie crust around it.

A quick search of the internet showed me that pumpkins are grown on every continent except Antarctica. The United States Department of Agriculture says that most of the pumpkins sold in America are grown in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Texas and California. That department says that in 2018, farmers in those states harvested just over 1 billion pounds of pumpkins. Yes, I said billion with a B. There are 45 different varieties of pumpkins and they can vary in size from tiny little pie pumpkins to giant show stoppers that weigh a thousand pounds or more. I have no idea what one would do a pumpkin that size except sell it to a pumpkin canning company, after taking lots of photos first, of course.

Around my house, the pumpkin is so prized that I actually collect little figurines and cup towels and other items either in the shape of pumpkins or with pumpkins painted on them. And of course, my nickname for my favorite person on earth is Pumpkin-umpkin.