The National Weather Service predicted the Grayson County area would hit 102 actual degrees last Friday and then 105 on that Saturday. Temperatures were expected to moderate a bit on Sunday and drop to 98. You know it has been hot when 98 feels like a cooling blast of air.

This is the first summer since my niece has been old enough to hold her head up that she and I have not been to The Splash in Sherman, and I can tell you that we both missed it greatly.

We missed the cooling water, and we missed our special time together sharing an activity we both dearly love. And I know we are not the only ones. I can only hope, for all of us, that 2021 brings an end to this COVID-19 situation so that we can look forward to fun in the pool in the summer of 2021.

Of course, by then, my darling niece will be a teenager and I am not sure if she will still want to hang out at the pool with her old aunt. Maybe I will have to allow her to bring along a friend so she doesn't feel too cut off from teenage companionship.

It is easy to look forward to the future to try to avoid some of the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic, but hard to forget that as we go through this, time is marching on for all of us. Little ones are getting bigger every day and in some instances those who would love to cherish those moments like great aunts, uncles and grandparents, are not getting to do so due to the need for social distancing. Babies are turning into toddlers, toddlers into pre schoolers, pre schoolers into kindergartners, kindergartners into elementary school students and those elementary kids are moving on up to middle school and the middle school kids are moving to junior high and then high school. All of those changes happened this summer and many — way too many — were missed due to COVID-19. So while it has not been a super hot summer, it has been one for the record books anyway.