This weekend, I went back to a classic in "Downton Abbey."

Those who watched the show might remember that the 3rd season dealt with the year 1920 and the Spanish Flu. Re watching it in the year 2020 amid a global pandemic was very interesting. I was particularly taken by the way they described the way that the flu would strike in a community and often kill those that one would have least suspected like the young and apparently healthy soon-to-be bride rather than the grandmothers or great-grandfathers.

In addition to the pandemic references, I also found the show’s references to women gaining the right to vote in America very interesting. I know right now it can seem like the upcoming general election is all anyone talks about and some of us might fear we will drown in it. But, I will just add this to the cacophony of things being said.

One hundred years ago, women celebrated the right to vote and today, many women fail to avail themselves of this basic human right that it took generations of our great great grannies their entire lives to win. So often elections decide very important issues for women like what kind of health care they can and can't expect to be available to them and to their children and what kind of education they can expect their children to receive.

Yet, many women don't vote.

Watching the historical drama unfold on a TV show about the changing of the times in the 1920s in Britain made me wonder what they will saying about us 100 years from now. Will the women of 2020 stand up and use their voice to make choices in their own best interest and the best interest of their families and businesses or will we celebrate the wins from the past without using the tool our grannies fought so passionately to give to us?