For those of you who don't have plans for the rest of your Saturday, a couple of film makers out in Hollywood have a challenge for you. You can be a part of a new documentary that they are making called Life in a Day 2020. To do this, Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald want you to film your day Saturday and submit the film to them. If your video is selected, it will be part of the new movie.

The duo made a similar movie back in 2010. It has been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

In a video announcing the challenge, McDonald called the work, "a crowd-sourced documentary." So, that means they don't want you give them your overtly perfected social-media ready day. They want people to film what actually happens in their lives on July, 25,2020. Do you focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on your life or do film your family and friends enjoying a socially distanced day at the lake? Or do you shoot footage of yourself on a hike with that awesome dog who has kept you company so faithfully these past few months? Who knows, it is up to you.

In addition to the footage of the day, the duo want you to answer some questions. They include the following:

What do you love?

What do you fear?

What would you like to change in the world or in your own life?

What's in your pocket?

I didn't see anything that said how long your piece should be to be considered. The pieces will be uploaded to YouTube and then watched by a team of screeners an those whose work is selected will be contacted later this year.

If you haven't watched the one from ten years ago, you might want to start there. One of the things that really struck me from the video announcing the competition was a woman standing outside a care facility putting her hand on the window to get as close as possible to an older lady, presumably her mother or grandmother, who is doing the same thing on the inside because they can't be together do to COVID-19.

Even if you don't get picked to be in the movie, you still have your bit of history recorded about what we certainly hope has been a unique year. Goodness knows we don't want to repeat this one.

Though the footage is supposed to be shot on July 25 participants have until August 2 to upload their material.