Don’t judge me people. It seems like it has been years since I sat in a room with other people and held a discussion of any kind. How long has it been now?

I don’t know what other people are doing, but I have been trying to really follow the rules on this whole social distancing thing. So, I have gone through just about every form of entertainment available to me at home. I have watched every television show that even remotely interested me. And goodness knows I have watched way too many Youtube videos.

Now my newest facination is TikTok. These are much shorter videos and feature everything from super short how to videos to dance performances and all kinds of theatrical spoofs.

I gotta say the dance things were what got me there but every time I click on the app, I find something completely new and crazy. And I generally get stuck there for way too long watching.

Making TikTok videos is not something that I have really felt comfortable with yet, but it is my goal by the end of the year to have posted at least one. There are tons of videos of schnauzers barking and I contend that I have the best barking schnauzer (for good or bad) in the whole wide world. So maybe Miss Bella will become a TikTok star?

I do really love the videos that feature whole families doing dances or other crazy stuff. But if you plan to download the app and look at it with your youngsters, please do know that some folks on there really like to speak in Colorful terms. I spent some time the other day trying to pick a favorite TikTok to share to my other social media feeds but couldn’t really find one without salty language in it. I am not a prude, but I think most of us should be able to get through a simple conversation without dropping some words.

Salty language aside, I love the creativity expressed on TikTok. Some people complain about the comments that people leave on the videos, but I will confess right here that I don’t really read a lot of comments on social media.

So it the 3 a.m. “can’t sleeps” strike you and you have already watched everything that is streaming on your television, give TikTok and its dogs and kids and parents a chance at making you smile. We all need more smiles.