The Creative Arts Center in Bonham is looking for a crop of artists for its upcoming art show. This annual exhibit and contest normally sees around 70 entries and center Executive Director Lisa Avila hopes this year will be the same.

The contest categories are acrylic, watercolor, oil, 3D, photography, glass, mixed and other media, and drawing.

“We have been doing this at least 10 years,” Avila said. “I was working here in 2010 before I became the director and we were doing it then so it has been a long standing event here at the Creative Arts Center.”

An entrant can enter three pieces into the contest. Entries can be in the same category or multiple categories.

“Since this is a contest, we do not just want to give out an award if there is just one artist in a category,” Avila said about ways she has been working to make sure the competition stays fair. “We cover the signature on pieces if they have one just in case the judge knows the artist or if the artist is entering more than one piece. We definitely want to make the judging fair and equitable.”

In 2017, about 20 artists entered the contest.

“In 2016, about 26 artists entered the art contest and all but three entered three pieces into the contest,” Avila said. “That is the max number of entries, but you do not have to enter more than one if you do not want to.”

The judge for this year’s contest will be local watercolor artist Walt Davis who has hosted classes at the Creative Arts Center. In her time with the Creative Arts Center, Avila said she has seen some really interesting pieces in this show.

“Years ago, a couple brought a photo of the sun setting over Lake Bonham,” Avila said. “It was beautiful. I think the artist on that was Billy Jackson. It won best in show.”

One year, a watercolor painting of the front of a train won the top prize at the show.

“It was a steam engine, I think,” Avila said. “What was really cool about it was that the painting was kind of small. When you have smaller pieces that have a lot of detail, it can be harder to do because you have less space to work with. The artist on that one was Lindy Blew.”

Another memorable piece, Avila said was a sculpture by Shannon Cain.

“It was a clay piece that was not cast in bronze yet,” she said. “It was a depiction of the skull and antlers of a buck.”

A monetary prize will be given to entrants taking home the top honors for the adult contest. The first place winner will receive $75 and the second place winner will receive $25. The best of show winner will have home a prize of $100 and an artist membership to the Creative Arts Center.

There will also be a youth portion of the contest. Prizes for first, second and third place winners and it is free for your to enter. Their categories are drawing/painting, photography and 3D.

For each category, at least two artists must enter four pieces for the category to be judged. Entries will be accepted between Aug. 23 and Sept. 1 and the show opens with winners revealed at a reception on Sept. 7. The art will remain in the gallery through Sept. 29.

For entry forms and information, call 903-640-2196 or visit the Creative Arts Center website at