Sisters Morales received a star on the South Texas Walk of Fame last month. The pair of sisters, Roberta and Lisa Morales will be performing along with their band at Music on Main in Denison this weekend.

Their performance begins at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Heritage Park.

During a phone interview in June, the sisters explained why they are excited about this performance.

Q. What kind of music can fans expect?

Roberta: We will be playing music from our last three albums. Our music is a mixture of Spanish and English music. We are a little country and a little rock ‘n’ roll. We are kind of like a hybrid of English and Spanish music.

Q. Who are your musical influences?

Lisa: When we were growing up, our brother was really into rock music. Our father would go to Mexico and bring back records. Our other sister really liked pop records. We have really combined all of it to create our own sound. It is a mix of a lot of different genres.

Roberta: It is really interesting because when we first came out, people really compared us to Lourdes Robles and record companies did not like for us to use our last name. Up until the 2000s is was still really hard for us. But, we just did want we wanted to do. We did not care. Texas always understood our sound. They were behind us from day one.

Q. This is a community show. Do you prefer playing community shows or festival shows or bar and club shows? How do shows like this help you to connect with your fans?

Roberta: We are open to playing everywhere. It is all wonderful for us.

Lisa: We also love the feeling of being a part of a community. When we played at the Harvest Blue Grass Festival, it just felt like we melted into the community. Its nice to feel like you are a part of something somewhere that you have never been before.

Q. As sisters, you have been through quite a lot together. Why was it important for you to not let your music die? Why has it been important to continue your musical journey together?

Roberta: We split off for a few years. We still have our own solo performances as well as our own bands. But, there is nothing like what we do together.

Lisa: Also, the harmonies. There is nothing like our harmonies together. When we are playing, it is almost like there are three of us instead of just two.

Roberta: We have had practices and performances where we are singing and one of us will start singing the other’s part or the other’s notes. Then we will switch back and forth.

Lisa: We just love playing together. We just do it. We laugh when the funny stuff happens. It is just amazing.

Q. What would you like for your musical legacy to be?

Lisa: We just want to make people happy.

Roberta: We will be receiving our star on the South Texas Walk of Fame this weekend. It just blows my mind that people respect our music the way that they do. It is an honor to receive this award.

Q. What would you like people to be saying about you after your performance?

Lisa: We want people to want to know our songs even more. We want them to leave feeling happy and strong.

Roberta: We want them to go and listen to the music that they have not heard, and we want them to keep coming back for more.