Black Dirt Playboys lead singer Jason Andrew, who was named the Texas state champion fiddler in May, will bring his fiddle and guitar to Music on Main next weekend.

Andrew, along with the other members of the Black Dirt Playboys, will be performing Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Heritage Park in Denison for the seventh week of the free summer concert series.

“When I am playing the fiddle, it is my inner self allowed to show its face,” Andrew said. “It is a stress reliever. It is really a big part of who I am. Getting to do it, and playing with the players I get to play with, really brings me joy. It is a creative joy. I do not think I could not do it. It would really be a boring life for me without the fiddle.”

Other band members include vocalist and guitar player Ryan Littrell, vocalist and bass player Daniel King, drummer Timothy Farris and Kyle Wade Smith, who plays keys, harmonica and also provides vocals.

The group out of Whitewright performs Texas country music and has been seen at Hank’s Bar and Grill in McKinney, Gilley’s Choctaw in Durant, Oklahoma, and the Old Iron Post in Sherman. Country music is important, Andrew said, because it brings families together.

“I was just telling a coworker before how special this music was and how it was really how people used to entertain their families,” he said. “People used to gather their family around and have family time sitting around playing.”

A lot of music has fiddle and guitar playing influences, Andrew said.

“First recordings that had the label country music were by a man from Amarillo,” he said. “A lot of these songs and the way they are made have a fiddling base. It’s in country music, R&B, blues and a lot of other subgenres of popular music. We all want the latest and greatest thing. The thing that is behind that is where the substance is. The fiddle has been forgotten in a lot of ways. I think this is the most human-like voicing that an instrument can produce. I want it to gain traction again. To get it back there, it will take someone breaking out of the box.”