Logan Ross, 13, of Denison, has been singing for as long as he can remember and said he had been looking for more opportunities to take the stage so he signed up to audition for NBC’s “The Voice.”

Logan’s audition will be at Globe Life Park in Arlington on Saturday and Logan is the youngest of those eligible to audition for the television show.

“I just wanted to do whatever show I could get to,” Logan said on Thursday. “’America’s Got Talent,’ ‘The Voice,’ and ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ are ones that I looked at. I just wanted to do one of them. ‘The Voice’ was the one that I could get to so I am excited that it is coming up.”

Logan said currently he does not have a favorite judge on “The Voice” and he does not know what team he would like to be on. He did say that he knows what songs he wants to sing.

“I am going to be singing, ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ and ‘Who’s Loving You’ by Michael Jackson,” Logan said on Thursday.

Auditions are a Capella only and since Logan is under the age of 18, his mother will be allowed in the audition with him.

“We made an artist account on the show’s website and chose our audition site,” mom Kim Parr, also of Denison, said. “It just so happened that this was in Dallas. There were events before, but they were in San Antonio and Houston. We did not think we could make it there.”

Parr said she and Logan have been preparing for the audition for about a month.

“He has been practicing for a while and he has been singing for a while,” she said. “It will really be the luck of the draw (if he makes it on the show). I do not care if he makes it. I just want him to be remembered.”

Logan has been seen around Texoma performing for a few years. He is currently being coached by Shawnda Rains of Shawnda Rains Entertainment Group.

“My first performance was in Oklahoma at a high school,” Logan said. “Right before I was supposed to go up, Shawnda was like, ‘Yeah, there is a tornado guys.’ We had to go down into the basement of the school. Then after a while, we were allowed to come back up. Then Shawnda was like, ‘You’re up, Logan. Go back to singing.’ I had to get up there and sing.”

Logan has also done performances with Rains at The Rialto in Denison.

“I would say that Logan has been preparing for this moment for forever,” Parr said. “He did the Texoma Kids Fest. There are so many different performances and different names of places he has been to. We are just so grateful for this opportunity to do this and be able to go out and perform.”

This past year, Logan sang the national anthem at Denison High School basketball games.

“Last year, I performed at Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco at the ball park,” Logan said. “That was about 10,000 people. I think that was my first really big group of people.”

Parr said that the reason she pushes Logan to perform and to continue using his voice to make people happy is because it would be a sin for him not to use his talent.

“God gave him this voice,” she said. “He has such a beautiful voice. I do not want him to hold himself back and never have any regrets in his life.”

Watching Logan perform, Parr said, is amazing.

“He brings tears to my eyes,” she said. “It is wonderful watching him perform. I just want him to be himself when he performs. He does not have to be what other people want him to be.”

If he could perform with anyone in the future, Logan said he would love to take the stage with Bruno Mars.

“If I could perform any song on the (“The Voice”), I would want to do ‘It Isn’t in my Blood’ by Shawn Mendes,” he said.

The Jackson Five and Boys II Men are two of Logan’s favorite groups. He also said that if the trio went on tour together, the show would be called, “Awestruck.”

In the fall, Logan will be entering the eighth grade at Scott Middle School in Denison. From there, Logan said he does not know what his future will bring. He is not sure whether he wants to pursue a music career.

“I am not completely sure if I want to get paid for singing in the future,” he said. “I just like to do it now.”