When Denison opens its new city hall in the center of Main Street later this summer, visitors will be greeted with glass walls, offices facing Main Street, and other improvements. However, the first thing that many visitor might notice is the local art that city officials plan to decorate the space.

City officials recently announced plans for the city’s new “Art in the Hall” program, which will feature art displays that will be rotated out throughout the year.

“It is really going to be a neat way to highlight what local art and artists in the city have to offer,” City Manager Jud Rex said.

Rex said the idea came up as city officials planned for the ongoing remodel of the former Bank of America Building in the 300 block of Main Street, which will soon serve as the new Denison City Hall. During these discussions, Rex said officials discussed ways that city could incorporate art into the design.

From these discussions, city officials came up with plans to include both three-dimensional and two-dimensional art into the design for the hallways and areas around the entrance to the council chambers. Sunny Mackey, director of community engagement, said the designs for the space will also include features to allow for hanging art. The art will likely be rotated out about three to four times a year, allowing for seasonal or themed displays to take place, she added.

In addition to simply being on display, Mackey said current plans call for the art in city hall to be on sale through the artist following the display.

“We also plan to include in the future the ability to commission art that will represent the city of Denison,” Mackey said.

Previously, city officials announced that the new city hall will open later than initially expected due to delays with the ventilation improvements that will be included in the project. The city is expected to transfer over to the new building in mid- to late-July, with all operations transferred by sometime in August, officials said.