The Pottsboro Area Library is going to be using California and Philadelphia rolls to teach healthy eating. Through the library’s place making classes, officials hope to not only gain interest for the community garden, but to help people learn more about home cooking and other aspects of a healthier lifestyle.

The sushi making class will be held at 10 a.m. Feb. 10 at 104 N. Main Street in Pottsboro.

“The grant that funds this program is through the Texas State Library,” Pottsboro Library Director Dianne Connery said. “So here we have the community garden, bicycles that people can rent, as well as camping equipment that they can rent from us. These classes are another way that we hope that people can get healthier.”

The sushi making class will be taught by Emily Talley. The class is free and the library would like for interested individuals to register for the class so that materials for class patrons can be prepared.

“We were brainstorming classes and some of the classes are subjects that interested the staff specifically,” Connery said. “When it came to sushi making, Emily heard us talking about the classes and said that she could teach this one.”

Connery said that she jumped on Talley’s offer.

“I studied Japanese for a while and I worked at a mission in Japan,” Talley said. “I learned the technique of making sushi. I also worked in a Japanese restaurant.”

Talley said that her class will be centered around the more American types of sushi rolls.

“A basic sushi roll is made with cucumber, sushi rice and seaweed,” she said. “Sushi is easy on the stomach. It can be enjoyed by itself as a snack as a nice treat, but it can also be balanced meal. It generally has low fat meats.”

Connery said that she hopes that the Pottsboro library wants to continue to offer new classes that may get more people into the library.

“Libraries have always been about providing information to others,” Connery said. “Over the years and as technology has changed, our role as a library has changed a bit. We want to continue to provide information to people, but we would like to do it in different ways.”

To register for any of the library’s classes, call 903-786-8274, email, or send the library a message through its Facebook page PottsboroLibrary.