When someone gets a craving for a sugary fried piece of dough, most people don’t think to make a doughnut themselves. Instead, they drive to their local doughnut shop.

“You have to have certain equipment to make a doughnut,” Young Kim the owner of Southern Maid Donuts said. “Anyone can make pancakes.”

Best of Texoma narrowed down the best doughnut shops to: Southern Maid Donuts, Hot N Creamy Donuts and Momo’s Donuts. Each place offers its customers something different.

Momo’s is known for its more creative doughnut mash-ups, like their best-selling maple bacon doughnut and strawberry and sweet cream éclair. Owner Mario Guerrero, a.k.a. Mo, said the bacon doughnut tastes like Sunday morning breakfast with the maple and bacon flavors brought together on the bread.

“Our specialty doughnuts are very different from what anyone else can do in town,” he said. “I often strive to get new flavors in the shop on the regular.”

For people looking for more traditional options, that’s where Southern Maid Donuts comes in. Owner Young Kim said he strives to make a doughnut with great tasting bread that’s not too sweet.

“I just try to be traditional,” Kim said. “A lot of other doughnut shops, they’ll put snicker bars and things like that, but I just don’t consider that as a doughnut. I still feel — you know doughnut should taste like a doughnut not just sugar.”

At Hot N Creamy, owner Seung Pak said his shop is known for its cinnamon rolls and apple fritters.

“We put lots of apples in our apple fritter, and we always get the freshest ingredients,” Pak said.

All three owners said they make the doughnuts fresh every day. Creating the perfect product takes time, all three places have employees that come to work before dawn.

“It takes a lot of work,” Pak said. “It’s not just an easy process.”

Southern Main Donuts’ Kim echoed that sentiment.

“The right flour, the right water and the correct steps from start to finish,” he said. “You know from dry product to finished product.”

No matter what flavor a customer is looking for from traditional to unique, doughnut shops in Texoma have them covered.