Celebrity chef Julia Child, known for bringing French cuisine to American homes, once said, “A party without a cake is just a meeting.”

And a life without dessert, some local experts say, is just work. Those who run the three shops who are the finalists for Texoma’s best dessert shop say eating dessert is all about tasting the sweetness in life. Mom’s Bakery, Gelati’s Ice Cream Parlor and Braum’s are all local favorites for sharing life’s more decadent moments.

Mike Adams, who owns Mom’s Bakery in Sherman, said adding dessert to a meal makes an occasion special, “because (desserts) aren’t something that you eat at every meal.” Adams said eating desserts always puts him, and likely a whole lot of other people, in a good mood.

“Eating sweets is one way of making life a little more enjoyable,” Adams said.

He said the business grew out of his mother’s love for baking for her family.

“She started making cakes and pies for us,” he said of his mother, who owned the bakery until eight years ago.

He said she started selling her treats to others. She did that out of her home until the Health Department told her she couldn’t do that any more. Adams said cakes are the signature product there.

“They are more moist than the cakes you get at a big box store,” he said.

Amanda Mitchell, a co-owner at Gelati’s Ice Cream Parlor in Sherman, said dessert gives people a chance to linger over a part of their meal.

“We have families who come in (to the shop after dinner) and they get to relax and laugh a bit and just basically enjoy each other’s company,” she said.

Mitchell said her husband had been stationed in Italy so he knew how to make gelato. When they were thinking of a product to add to the downtown scene in Sherman, that one came to mind. She said within seven weeks of being open, they were voted as the Austin College business of the month. And they are now looking for a second location after only four months of business.

Nancy Gann, general manager at Braum’s in Sherman, said dessert is the best part of the meal.

“It gives you more time to relax,” she said.

And if one can do that relaxing surrounded in a clean environment that is family friendly, she said, so much more the better.

“We have been around for a long time, so grandma’s been here and she starts bringing the grandchildren,” she said.