It’s a wafting aroma that makes impact the second you walk in the room — or pull up to the drive-thru window. Coffee.

CJ’s Coffee Cafe Owner Nancy Gentry said what keeps her customers coming back could be credited to the freshness of the coffee.

“We don’t buy them roasted already, we buy them and they come straight in from Costa Rica, Guatemala … and we roast our own coffees,” Gentry said. “… It makes it fresh. If you’ve ever had a fresh salad or a fresh egg, or anything fresh it’s always better, and coffee is no different.”

She said good-tasting, fresh coffee is crucial to true coffee lovers, and it can be a hard drink to find.

“It’s like when you first started drinking wine,” Gentry said. “Things might have been OK, but as our palettes developed we go into better and better wines, and so it is in the coffee world. When we start out drinking coffees, that fast-food coffee is fine, but when you start to develop a taste for real good coffee, you just can’t go back once you start drinking it.”

Bean Me Up store owner Sheila Kluss said her slogan is “not just another coffee house.” She illustrates this by greeting her clients with an assortment of knickknacks, words of wisdom and a cozy corner, complete with couches, books, and of course, a coffee table.

Bean Me Up is one of the newer additions to Texoma’s coffee scene — it opened in 2014. Kluss credits the success of her shop to something she preaches to her employees and instills in herself — consistency.

“Consistency is one of my big pet peeves; no matter if it’s my coffee, my food, my plating, it’s consistency,” Kluss said. “If you keep consistent with your customers, then you have returning customers.”

She gave an example of a new restaurant that could open in town. All the services might be great for two or three weeks, but after a bit things may start to decline. Customers might choose to return and give them another shot, or they might not, she said.

“That’s the key, is keeping everything the same, to keep people coming back in,” Kluss said. “I have regulars who come in every day that now won’t drink any other coffee but my coffee. So that’s great.”


Consistency is often associated with larger, corporate chains. Perhaps that’s why the parking lot at the Sherman Starbucks is almost always full, and in the winter, the line for the drive-thru can be seen extending to the Highway 75 feeder road.

“We believe that our stores, our partners (employees), our customers and our coffee can bring people together, and we’re proud to play a role in building awareness for the finest coffee around the world,” Starbucks said in a written statement.