For those who want to understand the art of decision making and how decisions affect companies and governments, Thomas Fletcher Grooms will be breaking it down Saturday at the Denison Public Library. Grooms’ presentation and book signing will be held at 11 a.m.

Grooms is the author of “Market Intelligence: The Original Work,” a book that documents 10 years of research on market intelligence and 15 years of study.

“Market Intelligence is the most complete intelligence system that elaborately ties together all intelligence collecting and reporting for verification as to its accuracy, reliability, and value,” Grooms said. “It is used for strategic, tactical and counter-intelligence decision making.”

Grooms wrote his first major research paper 1980, and since then, he has written 14 peer-reviewed research studies and three academic books. The most recent book, “The Collapse of Russia: A Time to Remember” was published this month.

“In my first published book, you have been introduced to the most important concept of the 21st century, which is market intelligence,” he said. “The concepts and principles are intricate and academic. Its usage has become the most important necessity for the benefit of governments and corporations.”

Market intelligence affects national security, can be a danger to corporations, impacts security in outer space, and follows spies.

“The concept provides fixes for the problem of the void or loss of control and vulnerability or poor intelligence that threatens the protecting against all perils,” Grooms said. “Solutions to new security issues of outerspace travel and exploration originates with market intelligence, which specifically addresses security threats outside earth and interplanetary travel. Spying, the most lethal weapon in history, to protect against the most active acquisition of secrets must be understood by reading the most complete and comprehensive writing ever composed on the second oldest profession.”

Grooms believes that every president of every country and every president of every corporation should read his book.

“Some think that market intelligence is market research or marketing intelligence,” Grooms said. “Some think it is only about markets, finance, investing and economics. It is not. This great book dispels old notions and will be continued in the future explaining how to create, structure and implement market intelligence.”

In Groom’s most recent works, he is using the concepts outlined in “Market Intelligence: The Original Work” and applying them to Russia. He said the greatest lesson to learn from reading his book is how to restart a national economy and industrial base once it has collapsed.

“This is my story through descriptive tales and color pictures about the real-life experience of the most important event in the history of Russia,” he said. “I know, I was there. You the reader can experience for yourself the transformation of what society was like during the greatest depression since 1929 and WWII and learn how to do business in Russia now.

“After The Collapse of Russia: A Time to Reflect” is a continuation of “The Collapse of Russia: A Time to Remember.” “After the Collapse of Russia” will be released in December.

“In this second book, you will learn the secrets of how to restart a national economy and its industrial base,” Grooms said. “A master business plan and country plan are presented in detail in this book. The world’s best incubator program for new small business start-ups, entrepreneurial applications, capital sourcing, and finding customers is established. You will find out what business was like inside Russia during the collapse.”

“Beyond The Collapse of Russia: A Letter to Russia,” the final work in Groom’s series on Russia, is set to be released in January.

“In book three of the series, you will read how the distribution of power in the framework of Russian society works,” Grooms said. “You will discover why Russia has world-class education. You will learn the key principles of how to do business in Russia.”

The key points, Grooms said he hopes people understand after leaving his presentation Saturday are that intelligence has replaced knowledge as power, the way money was made in the past has shifted to a new paradigm, and that heads of state are vulnerable and subject to a destructive void without market intelligence.

“My books include a great deal of research and history and facts along with stories that are entertaining, fun to read and eye-opening,” he said. “They are timeless.”

After Saturday, Grooms’ next book signing will be at Main Street Mall in Denison on Saturday, December 2.