Mosaic art is Jenny Perry’s favorite art form. Perry is one of 46 vendors ready to participate in Denison’s Dia De Muertos Festival and Art Walk on Saturday.

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday in downtown Denison.

Perry’s booth will include her mosaic art, hand painted skulls and a few handmade dolls.

“In 2001, I read an article about mosaics and thought it looked like fun,” she said. “The first one was fun and in the middle of the second piece, I totally fell in love with the process.”

Perry currently participates in art shows in Oklahoma, including All for Art in Lawton, Oklahoma, her local show in Frederick, Oklahoma, and the Medicine Park Art Walk in Medicine Park, Oklahoma.

“I enjoy working in a wonderful studio downtown in a 110-year-old building that my daddy and I renovated,” she said.

In Frederick, Perry teaches mosaic workshops every month.

“Making art has been a godsend to me,” Perry said. “When I am working on a mosaic, I can just get completely immersed in it and can forget about the crazy world around us. The whole process of taking something broken, breaking it some more, then piecing all these broken things together into something beautiful is very healing. It gives me hope that all things we think are broken can eventually turn into beauty.”

Perry starts painting and decorating the skulls in the summer in preparation for the festival.

“I use glass and stone that I cut by hand with a hammer and hardie or glass cutters,” Perry said. “I like found objects, too, especially rusty metal and vintage glass. I usually apply them to my substrate with thinset mortar. All of my designs are my own.”

She said she does the mosaics year round.

Of the many things Perry loves about the festival, she said that she loves most the music, the smell of Mexican food and visiting with other artists,

“But, my favorite has to be the parade,” she said of the festival’s puppet parade.

When Perry retires from her full time postal job in two years, she looks forward to doing 10 or 12 shows a year.

For more information on Perry, visit her website at or Facebook Page JennyPerryMosiacs.