For the last seven years, area men have been modeling bras to raise awareness for breast cancer. Women Rock’s annual fundraiser, “Bras for a Cause,” will be held from 6-11 p.m. Saturday at North Texas Regional Airport - Perrin Field.

This year’s event is presented by Holiday Auto Group, and the event will include live and silent auctions, dinner and entertainment.

“Men will be stepping out of the box in some really pretty bras,” Women Rock founder and director LuAnn Daniel said. “They will be modeling bras on stage for women that have gone through cancer or are fighting cancer. This is also for the women that will come after them.”

Daniel said that this event is important because men sometimes get lost in the whole shuffle of breast cancer.

“The brothers, sons and dads…this kind of brings it home to a lot of them,” she said. “A lot of the men that are going to be on stage have some kind of connection to breast cancer. A bra is just a bra for most people, but when you decorate it and put a man in it, it becomes a symbol of hope for other women.”

This event is one of Women Rock’s main fundraisers for the upcoming year. Proceeds from the event help fund many women’s health services.

“We use the money for mammogram screenings and to help finance a lot of services that many women would not be able to take care of themselves,” Becca Boss of Women Rock said.

Last year’s event raised $157,000, and Daniel hopes that today’s event brings in $175,000.

“One of the biggest myths associated with breast cancer is that all breast cancer is hereditary,” Daniel said. “Only about 15 percent is. When we go out, we hear a lot of, ‘Well there is no breast cancer history in my family, so I can’t get it.’ About 85 percent of breast cancer diagnoses are for women who have no family history. Those 15 percent that is hereditary have twice the chance of getting it, but it does not mean that you cannot get it.”

Funds will also go towards diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds and physician referrals. Women Rock also helps women manage breast cancer treatment and recover easier.

“You do not have to feel a lump,” Daniel said. “Calcification in the breast can be a sign of cancer. Redness of the skin and nipple changes can be a sign of cancer. If you do not feel anything, you still need to get a mammogram.”

They also offer support for breast cancer survivors and caregivers.

“Also, men get breast cancer, too,” Daniel said. “We tell men to check their breasts just like a woman can. They need to get checked out, too.”

The organization also provides information about breast cancer.

“Grayson County has a high number of women currently affected by breast cancer and breast cancer survivors,” Boss said. “It is important for people to support breast cancer awareness because there is no cure. We want to reach out to the community and let them know that we are here. We also want to spread awareness for the disease. It is so important that women and men check themselves regularly.”

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