Tucked away in downtown Denison is an adorable little cafe and coffee house. Country Java Coffee Cafe is located at 514 W. Main in Denison. I have also seen the coffee truck around Texoma. I have bought coffee from the truck. The guys on the truck are super friendly. The young man who runs the truck told me, his mom owns the cafe. What a polite young man. He is super personal and is great with people. Watch for him in Pottsboro, the Sherman Town Center and even by Walmart in Sherman.

They are open Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The drive-thru opens at 6 a.m. for us crazy coffee people. They are closed Sundays.

Facility: While the dining area is available inside, there is a covered porch and tables outside so you can enjoy this cooler weather, should you prefer to sit outside.

The interior is beautiful and has the most amazing aroma of coffee when you enter. We were greeted by a young lady from behind the counter. While the coffee drinks were easy to order, the food took us a little longer. Everything sounded so good.

The menu is posted on the wall so you can decide while waiting.

Food: I ordered the brown sugar latte ($4.40) to drink. It’s a sweeter coffee drink, and it’s served hot. I ordered the turkey sandwich ($6.50) croissant with turkey, cream cheese, avocado and bean sprouts. This sandwich is served with applesauce and a pickle spear. The croissant was so fresh and the ingredients of the sandwich blended so well. I added a bag of chips ($1.25) and a slice of chocolate Heath bar cake ($2.50). It is a chocolate cake with chocolate icing with Heath bar crumbled on top. Where did this cake come from? Oh my goodness, it was so fresh and so chocolaty.

My guest ordered a chocolate chip frappé ($4.50) with an extra shot of espresso. For her dinner, she ordered the tuna salad plate ($6.50). It is a heaping serving of tuna salad, served with a wedge of freshly baked bread and a pickle spear. It really appeals to the eye because it looks so fresh and flavorful. The presentation of the plate is beautiful. She added a slice of strawberry cake ($2.50) to her meal. Once again, where did this cake come from? Fresh cake, with strawberries in the batter with what tasted like cream cheese icing. Is there another word for good? This is beyond delicious.

We sat outside and the entire time we were sitting, there was someone in the drive-thru.

There was a nice lady with a Yorkie working on her computer behind us. There was a couple who walked up with a standard poodle and her husband had a chihuahua in his bag. So, it appears that it is a pet-friendly place. Be still my heart, I love animals.

Final thoughts: If you haven’t made your way over to try CJ’s Coffee in Denison, I am not sure what you are waiting on. This food and atmosphere are well worth the money.