Visual art, superb cuisine and lots of laughter filled the Grayson College 691 Restaurant recently for Spring Fling hosted by International Women’s Club of Grayson County.

Board members welcomed everyone and directed them to enjoy the pin-studded world map representing the numerous countries visited in programs past. Upon entering the restaurant itself, each visitor is greeted by the beautiful view of a wooded pond out the far window plus the colorful abstract paintings of Janice Howell accenting the remaining walls creating an inviting environment for visiting friends while enjoying a superb meal.

July is always the changing of the guard month for IWC. Besides having fun and good food, the organizational part means Dianna Williams, incoming President says thank you to the old board and then introduces the new board members for the year of 2017-2018.

July is also when the members have the opportunity to sign up for one of four committees which will plan the program and provide the food for each of the four countries for the year 2017-2018.

The International Women’s Club is an active group of 90 members. The motivation of the group is to learn about other cultures through presentations and to experience the cuisines of those cultures through the preparation and tasting of those cuisines. Many of the members have origins in other cultures, have lived overseas or have traveled extensively.

Margie Braswell, who served as president from 2009-2011, is one of the few charter members who is still active in the club since it organized in 1999 with 30 members.

“The International Women’s Club of Grayson County offers the opportunity to connect with other women from all over Grayson County to learn about people and cultures of other countries as well as cultures within the USA,” she said.

Some of the countries/cultures from previous programs include India, Australia, Mexico, Sweden, Philippines, Native America, Germany, Mongolia, Jamaica, Italy, China, Ireland, Brazil, Lebanon, Canada, Spain, Holland, South Africa, Japan, Poland, New Zealand, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Greece, Bolivia, Haiti, Czech Republic, Kenya, China, Scotland, Hungary, Choctaw Nation, Vietnam, Korea, Israel, Alaska, Antarctica, Peru, Estonia, Nepal, Chickasaw Nation, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dubai, and Cuba. Some countries have been explored by the group more than once.

“I enjoy being part of the IWC group because I have met and gotten to know 80 women from all over Grayson County,” incoming President Diana Williams said. “At our meetings we learn about women, culture and foods from other countries. At each meeting we have a committee to cook the food from the country that our speaker is bringing to the meeting.”

The formal purpose is to act as a nonprofit, nonsectarian, nonpolitical organization providing friendship and understanding among people from different nations, promoting the learning and sharing of the cultures of varied ethnic groups of the Grayson County community, and serving the community in an appropriate role.

“Learning about women in other countries has made me appreciate my life here in the US,” Williams said. “I enjoy cooking so I have always found it very interesting to try foods from whatever country that is being presented at our meeting. I always leave our meetings a little smarter because I feel like I have been in the country we have learned about at our meeting.”

For more information or to join the group, interested parties can attend one of the four luncheons held each year as a guest of a member. Interested parties can also ask to have their names added to the waiting list. For IWC updates, the Facebook Page International Women’s Club.