“Wine Down on Willow Street” in Bonham is hoping to get people to wind down after the workweek with a little wine. The second installment of the event in Bonham will be held from 6-10 p.m. Friday.

During the event hours, Willow Street will be shut down.

“This is all about community,” Creative Arts Center Executive Director Lisa Avila said. “Bonham is a small town. One of the paradoxes we have to deal with being a small town is that there are generally not as many things available as big cities would have. Most small towns do not have fabulous libraries, great art galleries, and awesome museums in their towns. Bonham is unique for that. We just want to showcase what we have to offer. We are a small town but we have these great attractions as well as fun things for the area residents to do.”

About 71 people lined Willow Street in June with their lawn chairs to enjoy live music.

“The wineries, Homestead Winery and Le Noir Sage Winery, were extremely pleased and excited about the success of the night,” Avila said. “The atmosphere was also really nice.”

The event was originally scheduled to be held in June through August, but Avila said, because of the success of the first night in June, the event has been extended through October.

“The food truck, La Coqueta that is on-site, is really good Mexican food and reasonably priced,” Avila said. “People like to be able to relax at the end of the workweek and just unwind. You can go to outdoor restaurants and things like that, but if it is near a busy road then it kind of does not do the same thing.”

“Wine Down on Willow Street” is scheduled for the third Friday of each month through October. For more information, call the Creative Arts Center of Bonham at 903-640-2196.