My column last Wednesday started out in 1700 for Grayson County during the time that the Tonkawa Indians inhabited the area. Information was taken from a lengthy Calendar of Historic Events in Grayson County that was written by Joan Ball and this writer in 1981 for Volume II of a large Grayson County History book published by Frontier Village of Grayson County.

We quickly covered 147 years chronologically of that history in Wednesday’s column. For those following these historical facts, we will begin with 1848 today bringing Sherman into the spotlight.

This brings us up to a year those of us who have lived in Denison for any time have heard about. The town was founded. I’ll stop here and next Wednesday will continue the chronology.

Correction: The caption of a downtown Denison Main Street with my Sunday, July 9, column said that the picture was taken in the 1940s. I missed it a few years by taking the writing on the back of the photo. Several people have corrected me, saying it was more like the 1920s or a little earlier. Sorry, I wasn’t around yet at that time.

Donna Hunt is former editor of The Denison Herald. She lived in Denison and can be contacted at