It might not look that different on the outside, but following months of renovations, the Albertsons in Denison is prepared to show off its new options to the public. The store will officially highlight all of their new features — among which is an in-store Starbucks — with a public ceremony to take place at 9 a.m. Wednesday following a ribbon cutting.

Mike Tol, store manager, was excited to show off all the new features of the Albertsons store he has been working at since 1986.

“Our focus is on providing fresh products while offering legendary customer service at the lowest prices. All of the new offerings will help us provide a better shopping experience,” Tol said.

Denison Development Alliance Vice President of Business Development William Myers said the refresh, as he is calling it, will greatly improve the experience for Denison residents in the area.

“Not very many communities have a store of this quality in their downtown. It’s a nice improvement to the community. Overall we’re very glad they are upgrading their store,” Myers said.

Myers also said the DDA has been encouraging Albertsons for the last four years to upgrade their store.

“They have completely redone the interior, adding a local flavor,” Myers said. “Denison citizens deserve a better grocery store, that is what they will be getting.”

Tol said customers have told him they are impressed with the wood floor. The décor is a big draw, but Tol said it’s the new offerings that improve the customer experience.

Some of the highlights Tol said are the expanded eating options. The store added a sushi bar, a wing bar and a hot bar. Other food options he talked about are the expanded deli and bakery featuring more fresh items.

“Our expanded produce section has been one of the overwhelming biggest improvements to customers,” Tol said.

Tol also said the new “fan center” is of special pride for the store. Near the front of the store, right by the recently added beer and wine section, is a host of football-related items.

Another big announcement was the addition of a Starbucks coming soon. Tol said the Starbucks will open in mid-November. It is expected to be the first Starbucks in the city. A free-standing Starbucks is going into the Gateway Village on Highway 75. That store is currently under construction and expected to be open by the of the year.

“We’re excited to be bringing the first Starbucks to Denison,” Tol said.

A sign hanging on from the ceiling behind the flower display adjacent to the deli informs customers of the pending Starbucks. The space is still under construction. Tol said he expects it to be ready by November. Myers previously said the Starbucks coming to Gateway Village could be open as soon as the end of this year. Now it’s a race to see which one will be serving up the famous coffee products to the Denison community first.